Sunday, March 14, 2010

SAHM more..

So now i am going to list all the reasons that i "should not" be a stay at home mom. But before doing that i must ask you to pray for my computer haha..It has decided not to even turn on anymore so i am having to share with my kind hubby. So its like that commercial where all the pictures are trapped in the camera but mine are trapped in the computer..
1. My not-so-wealthy parents paid for a college education, and i am "not using my degree". Shouldn't i feel badly about that? (no, because they also raised me to value God's call on my life as the greatest of all)
2. My husband makes less than $35,000 a year.
[I could get more personal and tell you how MUCH less than that he makes, but not wanting to dishonor him i will restrain.]
But for a family of four that puts us almost "capable of governmental financial support"..
3. We have a mortgage and hospital debt for our 2nd child.
4. My husband's income is unpredictable.
5. I am not on any formal type of BCP.
6. We "need" a new car. With two kids, two diaper bags, two adults, and two suitcases, our Honda accord is busting at the seams already.

As i drove home the other day from a lovely visit in Scottsboro [click for more] i thought hmm.. he may not have been in a temperature controlled car, with "happy & you know it" playing in the background, but maybe this is how Abraham felt. {Gen 12} God called him to go to a "land that i will show you"..What? For those of you who i haven't had a personal conversation with in the last 2 weeks, Ben & I really feel like we are in a transition time right now. He is moving his office home (to save the moola) and I have turned down my second job offer this year.
It doesn't make good sense, just like with Abraham. God said to do something and he did it. IN FAITH!!!! Many times pastors encourage us to walk in faith to 'be radical'. For us right now that looks like this-I am a SAHM, Ben is making unpredictable amounts of money per month, we desire to honor God through obeying His Word-Ben being primary contributor to the funds, me primary caretaker of the home, raising our children to know God to love & serve Him only. To be as frugal as possible, and yet generous towards all. To share the gospel with the lost and encourage believers with His Word. For Ben to have spent 7 years of school studying God and theology only to literally put that in boxes and shelves until God sees fit to bring that to life again.
That is radical folks. How 'bout you?
There is NO WAY we can explain how charmed our lives are right now, other than God is GOOD and gracious to us!!! All you have to do is look at our home, clothes, car, and cupboards to see HIS provision!