Saturday, March 27, 2010

what am i talking about?

Hi guys..i am currently studying the book of 2 corinthians. When i am studying a new book of the bible i LOVE to use the tools at preceptaustin. (click link on the link to the right to visit the site). I will sometimes do an inductive study, but mostly i use the commentaries. Here is an expert of one sermon on chapter one:

"...If the greatest message you have is to talk about yourself, then just don’t talk. Don’t we have a greater message to talk about? Of course we do. And that message is Jesus and what He has done for us. We are to bring people to Jesus and that can only be done as we speak of Him, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others... We willfully have surrendered our lives to Him, to serve Him and thus, as a slave we don’t glory in ourselves, but in our Master, we bring glory to Jesus!
What can happen as we lose sight of the message is that we try to make moral changes in men when the reality is, those changes take place on the inside of a persons heart and overflow to the outside and only Jesus can make those changes in a person. It is as Hodge said, “To make the end of preaching the inculcation of virtue, to render men honest, sober, benevolent and faithful, is part and parcel of that wisdom of the world that is foolishness with God. It is attempting to raise fruit without trees. When a man is brought to recognize Jesus Christ as Lord, and to love and worship Him as such, then he becomes like Christ. What more can the moralist want?”
...You see, it has nothing to do with the vessel, only with what the vessel was filled with, and for Paul, it was Jesus. Thus, his message was Jesus Christ and that has to be our message also, or else we are just giving people the wisdom of men and that is not going to help them. The Gospel message is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, and thus, we need to speak it forth that some might believe. The focus must be Christ, don’t lose sight of that!

i had to ask myself exactly what should this look like in application for myself and i see it being that when i listen OR talk i should be searching for ways to point to God's goodness, God's work, His Kindness and the fact that HE is the giver of all good things. And if its a bad thing He gives, it is so that we might learn of HIs love for us through sending Jesus to suffer. As we suffer-we are experiencing glimpses of what it was like for Christ on the cross, and how kind of God that He spares us that kind of suffering..
So, girl friends of mine, remind me of THAT next time i am talking with you, or complaining, or not listening... or talking about myself..WOW that was very good for me to read. How bout you? That first line is a killer huh?!