Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Here are a few of my favorite things. Things have been a little tough here lately. Ben was gone for a week, we all went through the stomach virus, i haven't had much of a break. Last night i wanted to curl up on some seasoned, friendly older lady's back porch, sip lemonade and have her tell me that it was 'gonna be okay' in a southern accent-then proceed with stories of her trying times as a mother...but instead, i poured out my heart to God, sat in my own back porch swing, thinking of the words to a song i will post later and these things came to my mind. Thought i would what comforts YOU?

of comfort:
the ocean
birds chirping
a saw in the distance (yes, a tablesaw)
a train whistle in the distance
the screech of a screen door

sights of comfort:
two arms wide open waiting for no one else but me
my hubby coming home from work
babies sleeping
happy mothers

smells of comfort:
freshly peeled oranges
freshly cut grass
wood burning heaters
hot spiced cider
fresh laundry

ice water on a hot day
ice cream
hot cocoa
pecans straight off the ground

sand under my toes and waves over my feet
finding Ben's warm toes with my cold ones
baby skin
cool grass on bare feet
warm towels fresh from the dryer