Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun with Friends

PAPA with Knox, Charlie, & Brennan
MEME with Brennan, Chase, Knox and Hunter
Happy Birthday Chase!
Here is Brennan and Isabel-looks like his first date..burgers and avocado..mmm...she is so earthy!!
And maybe Ava and Knox 1st date?? Knox sure looks excited!
Here we are having a picnic on a BEAUTIFUL Sunday evening at City Park with Capri, Alison and Don Nation..

Knox's Car

This is what Knox got from Ben's dad for Christmas and he is just now able to enjoy it! And boy does he! Doesn't he look so grown and happy?!
Here Brennan is loading some rocks in for him.
Brennan like to push him!
Won't be long and this little guy will be driving for real!

Good Friday

For as long as i can remember, my family has planted a garden on Good Friday. You get out there while the grass still has dew on put your swimsuit on under your clothes and in an hour you can feel the sun soaking your oh-too-white-skin. My dad has these little brown bags of seeds with the type & price written in pencil. He lays out the rows and we throw fertilizer and start with the seeds. Brennan will never know this like i did because now my dad has a tractor, a seeder, and three grand boys. I was one of 2 girls and we had no tractor or seeder! I remember feeling like such a back woods poor girl as a child. Now i am PROUD that i know how to plant a garden, glad to be a part of a family tradition and happy that my dad invested that time in me and tried to make it fun!
Brennan LOVED it!!! Playing in the dirt, being with Papa outside, riding the tractor as he laid out the rows...does it get any better??
Brennan followed him EVERY step of the way!

Ahh..!nothing like ice water from a mason jar to tell you that you are in South Alabama!


My niece-smiley Anna Bethy..pretty in pink..
i don't know if she knows any other colors truly exist!
My boys look like they have never seen easter eggs before!

Anna Beth, Charlie, Knoxie, & Brennan

And they're off to find the eggs!