Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So as a catch up...we had the stomach bug for 4 days. It went through all of us except Knoxie...Praise-a-lujah! Then Brennan had an ear infection, after a week of that -he was worse so we went back to the doc and he had a upper respiratory virus and Knox did too. They were put on allergy meds and "myizine" drugs-which give make them have difficulty sleeping and (according to the side effects cause "moodiness, irritablity, possible hallucinations and nightmares"..
LOVE IT!!! Whew! I'm telling you!
My dad is up from Alabama helping Ben close in the office space on the old back porch. At one point i went out there in tears and said "Guys i need some reinforcement". I was calling in the troops. It was one of those days.
Today is better. The sun is shining which always helps everything. Right? I'm hate when people don't admit their realities in life. I want you all to know i am not complaining. I LOVE my babies and i am thankful for medicine. We must all admit at times that it gets hard and i greatly dislike when people don't do that.
The only time i had "in the Word" yesterday was to read the daily Proverb, but believe me i was in continuos prayer ALL DAY. HE was so gracious. I miraculously had dinner for my hard working dad and hubby, i still loved and rocked both babies when they were upset. I still had a joy that it was all gonna be okay!
I will post pictures asap..