Tuesday, April 27, 2010

funny stories

Okay so to say the least, Brennan has really been showing his independence, exerting his will, testing the limit, revealing the sin within, BEING TWO...
However, here are two funny stories from the latest discipline issues: Last night, before refusing to eat his "pizzadilla" (which he loves) he saw me open the freezer to get something and saw popsicles..to which he threw himself down of the floor begging for one and fitting for not getting it right then. After refusing to get up he was spanked, after screaming & hitting me on the way to get in his seat he was spanked again, after throwing the beloved pizzadilla on the floor, he was removed from the table, spanked and we prayed together once again that he will obey mommy and daddy and that God would work in his heart for salvation even now..However, while we were praying he whispered (just as he does in bedtime prayers when he wants to remind me to thank God for something..) "popsicle"...as if to say 'ask God for me to get that popsicle..!!ha!
And then this morning, after throwing a similar fit because he could not have 'one more' flinstone vitamin, i told him 'no fit' and asked if he wanted to draw, to which he commenced another fit..so i said if you do not stop kicking and screaming, if you do not stop this fit i will get the spanking spoon. He said 'no spanking spoon, stir food' and he turned his chubby little finger round and round in a pretend bowl!! Yes! He was saying don't spank me with that spoon, stir food with it!!
WOW! And just in case you are wondering, it is a wooden spoon that i use only for spanking, and i never do more than two sturdy swats (being that he is two). I always have him recite my command, ask if he obeyed it and then tell him i have to spank because i love him and want him to learn to obey.
Being a citizen in this world and in desire that he will one day be a citizen in a Much Better Place, i must teach him that rules are made and are to be followed for his safety. Not to mention that the book i choose to live by commands me numerous times to discipline my child if i love him!
So friends, any battle stories that might be of encouragement? Or are your children perfect, never defiant, always joyfully obedient little angels?
Please know that i dearly love my little Booger and i rejoice with him daily over little joys as well as these trying times!


Okay friends here are a couple of fun blogs. i know i posted the love actually one recently, but i wanted to share some more fun..since many of you are in the same shoes as me and need the encouragement.
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