Sunday, May 2, 2010



Last week Brennan and i went to the Library and checked out this Eric Carle book. We have been working on shapes now for about 3 months. we draw them on the chalkboard, we point them out when walking, driving, or coloring. We have been doing colors since as far back as i can remember...i have looked almost everywhere for some memory game cards that have children match shapes with real life items, and at last! Eric Carle comes through for us!

I knew that this book was a good pick at first, but had no idea its effect on Brennan until this week. They are putting up sidewalks in our ancient little neighborhood (a much needed addition i might add). This means that they have had to put up caution signs and we even have one in our very own yard. Brennan was VERY excited that they put a bog orange rectangle in our yard... It says "End Road Work". Right across the street is one that says "Road Work Ahead" on an orange diamond...Yesterday we took a walk to the school playground at the end of our road. As background you should know that upon passing each stop sign i always inform him "Look Brennan, a stop sign, its a red octagon.." He knows the drill (and tells anyone else that he is a passenger in their vehicle the same..)Recently he began pointing to the yellow crosswalk signs and i have been telling him their shape, color etc..So now he knows those too (we take a walk almost daily).

As we were walking past the school we saw this sign:000-3d-model-PedestrianCrossing1.gif

He said "Yellow diamond".. I was about to say my enthusiastic "Yeah buddy good job", when he continued..."Brennan home ORANGE diamond..Match" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh, wow...that's about all i could say. I was stunned, pleased, glowing, thrilled! "Yes Buddy!!" i say "Excellent, good job. That is a match son!! I'm proud of you!" He was speaking of this sign:

Sign road work ahead.gif

And a match indeed big guy! Hmm. Maybe one day i will see the fruit of the hours i spend disciplining him and praying for his little soul to know Jesus and love Him!! For that is way more important and a much bigger need in his life than knowing shapes, but nonetheless, i was thrilled!