Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey friends! So today is not much easier...but we will survive! I am not the only Mother that ever lived through this! I love our babies dearly..i am not one of those mommies that weeps over their child learning to crawl or walk though. I am thankful for each progressing stage...it just means a little less of one kind of work and a little more of another..So here is a portrait of Moses' mother's oldest daughter:

...Pharaoh's daughter came down to the water to bathe, and the ark was discovered, just as God wanted it to be, and one of her maids was sent to fetch it. You often wonder what the angels are doing. I think some of the angels herded the crocodiles on the other side of the Nile to keep them from finding Moses and eating him up.

The ark was brought, and with feminine curiosity the daughter of Pharaoh had to look into it to see what was there, and when they removed the cover there was lying a strong, healthy baby boy, kicking up its heels and sucking its thumbs, as probably most of us did.

The baby looks up and weeps, and those tears blotted out all that was against it and gave it a chance for its life... Just as God plans, God always does things at the right time. Give God a chance - he may seem a little slow at times, but He will always get around in time.

The tears of that baby were the stepping stones that led to Israel being ransomed from Egyptian bondage. The princess had a woman's heart, and "when a woman's heart and a baby's tears meet, something happens that gives the devil cold feet" Perhaps the princess had a baby that had died, and the sight of Moses may have torn the wound open and made it bleed afresh. But she had a woman's heart, and that made her forget she was the daughter of Pharaoh and she was determined to give protection to that baby.

Faithful Miriam (the Lord be praised for Miriam) saw the heart of the princess reflected in her face. Maybe Miriam had studied faces so much that she could read the princess' heart as plainly as if written in an open book, and so said to her: "Shall I go and get one of the Hebrew women to nurse the child for you?" and the princess said, "Go."

I see her little feet and legs fly as she runs down the hot, dusty road, and her mother must have seen her coming a mile away, and she ran to meet her only to find God had put her own baby put back into her arms and she was being paid Egyptian gold to take care of her own baby.

See how the Lord does things. "Now, you take this child and nurse it for me and I will pay you your wages." What a joke on Pharaoh- paying Moses' mother for doing what she wanted to do more than anything else - nurse her own baby.

How quickly the mother was consoled for the long hours of anxiety and alarm and grief, Moses and Miriam back at home under the protection of the daughter of Pharaoh. I imagine she dropped on her knees and poured out her heart to God, who had helped her so gloriously. She must have said: "Well, Lord, I knew you would help me. I knew you would take care of my baby when I made the ark and put him in it and put it in the water, but I never dreamed that You would put him back into my arms to take care of, so I would not have to work and slave in the field and make back and be tortured almost to death by fear that the soldiers of Pharaoh would find my baby and kill him...but I never thought you would soften the stony heart of Pharaoh and make him pay me for what I would rather do than anything else in this world."

I expect to meet Moses' mother in Heaven, and I am going to ask her how much old Pharaoh had to pay her for the job. I think that's one of the best jokes, that old mean-o having to pay the mother to take care of her own baby. But, I tell you, if you give God a chance, He will fill your heart to overflowing. Just give him a chance.

encouragement for mamas

Okay folks so my posts have been scarce and short...life here has been at its limit! Brennan went to stay at my parents last week. I was at that point on the rope where there's not much left before it snaps, and moments after my parents departure, later in the evening i got there again...BEING A MOMMY IS THE HARDEST THING IN THE WORLD!!
I have felt as though i had zero support as of late in the mommy world. I know that i am not alone in the struggles i face, i know that Ben believes we are doing the right thing. I know that he has been overwhelmed as we have had a seemingly nonstop home project going for over a month (transforming our screened in porch to a closed in office space for him, creating a playroom, putting up a big boy bed for Brennan..) And his work has been really busy. I also feel like a lot of my friends listen in judgement as i pour out current struggles. I've wanted to say what about the verse 'weep with those who weep, rejoice with those who rejoice'?!!! Or maybe "encourage one another as long as it is today.." So dear, fellow, mommies i want to do that for you. May this blog be good for that if nothing else. I want to post parts of a sermon that i recently read by Billy Sunday about MOtherhood. Over the next 3 weeks i will continue to post words of life and hope that will hopefully give you courage for this extremely difficult task!!! Here is Part One:

THE STORY OF MOSES is one of the most beautiful and fascinating in all the world. It takes a hold on us and never for an instant does it lose its interest, for it is so graphically told that once heard it is never forgotten...I have often imagined the anxiety with which that child was born, for he came into the world with the sentence of death lagging over him, for Pharaoh had decreed that the male children should die, and the mother defied even the command of the king, and determined that the child should live, and right from the beginning the battle of right against might was fought at the cradle.

Moses' mother was a slave. She had to work in the brick yards or labor in the field, but God was on her side and she won, as the mother always wins with God on her side. Before going to work she had to choose some hiding place for her child, and she put his little sister, Miriam, on guard while she kept herself from being seen by the soldiers of Pharaoh, who were seeking everywhere to murder the Jewish male children.

For three months she kept him hidden, possibly finding a new hiding place every few days. It is hard to imagine anything more difficult than to hide a healthy, growing baby, and he was hidden for three months.Now he was grown larger and more full of life and a more secure hiding place had to be found, and I can imagine this mother giving up her rest and sleep to prepare an ark for the saving of her child.

I believe the plan must have been formulated in Heaven, for you can't make me believe that an event so important as that and so far-reaching in its results ever happened by luck or by chance.

Possibly God whispered the plan to the mother when she went to Him in prayer and in her grief because she was afraid the sword of Pharaoh would murder her child. And with what thanksgiving she must have poured out her heart when at last the work was done and the ark was ready to carry its precious cargo, more precious than if it was to hold the crown jewels of Egypt. And I can imagine the last night that baby was in the home.At dawn the mother must have kissed him goodbye, placed him in the ark and hid him among the reeds and rushes, and with an itching heart and tear dimmed eyes she turned back again to the field and back to the brick yards to labor, and wait to see what God will do.

She had done her prayerful best, and when you have done that you can bank on it that God will not fail you. How easy it is for God to give the needed help, no matter how hopeless it might seem, if we only believe that with God all things are possible, no matter how improbable.

What unexpected answers the Lord would give to our prayers! She knew God would help her some way, but I don't think she ever dreamed of what would happen next...

Stay tuned friends!