Saturday, June 12, 2010


Brennan woke up Wednesday morning with a horrible cough. The day before it had been a runny nose.
Was my mindset. i called the doctor, made an appointment and was determined not to leave until i had some answers. There was an 11am opening. It was 9am. Thats when they opened. Ben had a shoot in Chatanooga, Sis in law was working, Dad in law had a dr appt himself. The rest of family too far away to get here by 11. I called 3 different "sitters" and no one was available to keep Knox. In case you think i am crazy for getting a sitter-try dealing with a sick, whiny, tired 2 year old in a doctor's office and walk away with any knowledge of what the doctor says. (add in a tired 9 month old and you get the picture).
I called my dear friend Lori on my way to her house in faith asking if i could bring Knox. Praise Jesus she was able to keep him and gave me a knowing, reassuring hug as i dashed out the door.
To make this could-be-eternal-story shorter, i started my coversation with the doctor like this ME:"Will you look at his file and tell me how many times he has been here this year?"
DR: looks like once or twice a month for 6 months
ME: is that normal?!
DR: Well around 9-24 months children have to build immunity...blah blah
ME: i understand that. He only goes to church once a week and mothers day out once a week. We haven't even done that for a month now. When he is sick he cries a lot and when he cries, my other baby cries. He wants to be held a lot, he want constant attention and comfort. i am one person..(here come the tears...) i cannot do this all the time. He seems to have an abnormal anxiousness when he is sick or either when he is on medicine.. i want to know what i need to do to get/keep him well.
DR: hmmm let me look back at his blood work, his file and some other stuff. i will be back.

At one point in previous visit i had reason to think that Brennan might have an immunity deficiency. i thought i would spend the rest of my life sanitizing everything living in extreme caution of germs..He had said it was not allergies..
Again long sotry shorter, he referred us to an allergist. He thinks he may have allergies, although only 10% of children 2 and under have identifiable allergies. He also said that 3 of the medications he has been on have "behaviorial side effects". The result of todays visit showed that he has an upper respritory infection, although it was day 10 of antibiotic #3. THat one was specific for the rash...
Ugh...lots more details that i will leave out. But I am very thankful that:
1. it is not life threatening
2. that it is not imunnity related
3. that the med is what has caused some of the behavior i have seen
4. that there is medicine for dangerous stuff
5. that we are on the upswing
6. that we have some answers!