Monday, June 28, 2010


So back in January we decided to do a surprise ministry celebration/birthday for my dad. It was a success. He was surprised!! Over 100 people were invited and over 75 attended. It was great to hear his mentor, as well as his nephew share precious memories and honor him. My sister and i shared a poem, there was a slideshow that i am working on exporting to facebook, but my parents' internet is not cooperating and many people wrote a heartfelt note of encouragement.

I will share the poem here and then some pics:

For years 1-10 you won our heart; your stories at bedtime became a fine art.

From dollhouses, treehouses and swings you taught us the value of priceless things.


Years 12-14 we tested and tried, heard many lectures and you ‘wore out our hide’.

But we knew then and still do that your love for us drove you

to act in that way for loving a preteen is a hard role to play!


Then came the years 15-18, boys had to meet  you & talk to you first

Thank God! For that weeded out all the worst.

Your consistency taught me to evaluate self

and I learned that the Bible was not just a book on a shelf.


The next years were hardest as both of your daughters

moved on in life and went away to college.

We both met our Bens and were married and gone

and you and Mama were left here “alone”.


But the story continues and gets better with time

as we learn the art of parenting skills

and we are the ones paying the bills

Your years loving Mama and praying in faith

have begun a legacy to walk the path straight.We love you and want you to know deep within

that who we are now is because of who you have been.

 ok ok ok so i have been sitting here for an hour waiting on ONE ONE picture to upload...the photographer friend of my dads had a mega camera and each pic is 9 opr more mega husband will have to use his super duper awesome computer if these are gonna show up anywhere!