Saturday, July 3, 2010


So Super Ben to the rescue...he got the pics ready for me to put on my blog! Hooray! Enjoy the story as it unfolds!
Daddy and Ben driving up from the afternoon "excursions". Under the pretense of finding an air conditioner for our new sunroom, Ben had the difficult responsiblity of keeping Daddy away from 1-4 while we got everything set up. HE HAD NO IDEA!!!  

Can't  you tell by looking at his face?
Here our dear family friend Ms. Mary holding little Brennan I was upstairs with Knoxie giving him a bottle and i heard her say Joy your father is coming! was a rush for me and I got a smidgen of a glimpse into that glorious day when its is my Heavenly Father 'acomin for me!

Here is the big tent that my brother in law practically put up all by himself (and they said it took 5 men...!)
Here is Granny Smith (yes thats her real name!) She nurtured my father in his teen years and was the first person he ever knew to have family devotions in her home! A precious lady to all of us. She handsewed my mothers wedding dress, makes the most incredible peanut better cookies then stores them in her deep freeze so that they are handy for any young'uns who might show up. She has probably prayed more for him than anyone other than my mother. She was Daddy's best friend's mom from his growing up years in Center AL. She said the blessing over the food.

Here is my very talented cousin Clint. He can do anything from handpaint amazing detailed pictures, sketch houseplans, coach little league, do graphic design work, engineer name it..and his latest talent-writing meaningful speeches! He wrote a beautiful tribute to my dad!
And my mom doing a "survey" of how many in attendance he had performed their wedding, or lived under his roof (though i dare say that latter was due to her gifting)..
A very precious family to me..the Chunns..yes the ones with 9 children that i was a nanny for..Here Mary (another one) is holding Brennan. It was an instant bond for him and a joyful reunion for me. Mary is the oldest of the girls, and her presence felt more like a b'day present for me...
Here i am asking Daddy 'did he really have absolutely no clue?' i said i was sure he thought something was up!!
His lifelong friend Lynn Smith (Granny's son). Ironically he and Mama dated freshman year at Samford...
Anna Bethy and her beloved Papa. Its a very long story, but deep into the speeches she became quite hysterical. I don't know all the details, but sweet baby angel thought that because we were having this party that Papa wasn't going to have any more birthdays. She told her mama that she didn't want Papa to go to heaven! Ah a childs mind! Sweet pea..once she knew that it wasn't bc of that she was much releived!

And finally his Gadsden State roomie ( i think thats how far back they go??) Paul Harbison playing his  "git-fiddle" to timeless Paul songs like the one he rewrote especially for this day "Count your Many Wrinkles" to the tune of "Count your Many Blessings"...Gotta love him!!!!