Monday, July 5, 2010

More Answers

Our little Brennan has all the familiar symptoms upon Ben and i arriving home from a weekend away (MUCH NEEDED BTW)..
My mind has been whirling ever since...i have prayed my heart out and believe that God has led us to some very useful information..being the weekend of the 4th no one was open as i tried heartlessly to get him an appt. I say that because i don't feel that the doctors have really helped much.
I prayed and cried and prayed and read. I have no true explaination as to why i looked up what i did other than God that is why i say HE led me to the information.
I looked up symptoms of red dye allergy (which we knew he had since he was about a year old and got into some fruit loops)
The doctor had mentioned tons of kids have it and most outgrow it when he first diagnosed it. He didn't seem to concerned. i had thought that maybe we were on our way out of it i found 4 different medical journals reporting that when there is an allergy to red dye, it can react in the form of: (GET THIS..!) cold/flu like symptoms, irritabilty, lack of concentration (which who knows with 2 year olds??!!), lack of sleep, rashes, itchiness, swollen eyes, runny nose and swollen throat.
All of his symptoms, also explains why they keep reoccuring and then combined with some normal sickness we get sick brennan all the time!
FDA is not required to label RED DYE unless its a certain percentage, there are other code names out there..this mornings break out we found to be a reaction to teh sunscreen we sprayed on him at the pool got it-had red dye..its in some shampoo, baby wash, lotions, its in Benadryl (Yeah!! ironic huh?) its in some tylenols and vitamins! And that is not even touching food!
It also said that this is not always detected in allergy screenings unless the child is currently expeiencing a reaction at the time tested!..hmm.
Anyway. Just wanted to tell you dear friends of mine who have been praying! Thank you!! 
On to reading labels...