Saturday, July 10, 2010

okay okay already

You may be saying "enough!" about this red dye biz, but i cannot describe to you the miserable journey we have been on with Brennan for about 8 months now. I have thought we cannot get any any more strict with him, we are being consistent, we are obey God's word about raising children, we are doing everything possible to keep him "well" barring putting him in a sanitary plastic bubble!
To read the list of symptoms of an allergy to red dye and to read the reports and blogs and sites about it have been a breath of fresh air! To read and i quote.."flu like symptoms, general irritability, non compliance, sleeplessness..." WHOA!!!!!! 
I have felt the glare of judgemental others seeming to say with knowing eyes..mmm hmm just another mom who needs to get control...
Add that to a sick child who the doctor kept giving antibiotics that CONTAINED RED DYE...making the poor guy WORSE..times 7 months..Yes the vicious cycle of of sickness has been almost more than this mother could bear..i have prayed and cried over this little trial so much that my dog looks at me ears back before she even comes near me..
I have no other way to explain finding all this information other than God leading me. We have an appointment with an allergist this Tuesday. Thank you to all you who have been praying!