Wednesday, July 21, 2010

stay at home moms...

If you are a blogger you understand, when you realize that you have all these dear online friends who are kind enough to 'follow' you on this blog and then you go WAY TOO LONG without posting..I as for your forgiveness.. Onto a little update and encouragement.
We are great! GREAT compared to any amount of time we have expereinced for the last 8 months.  We are really are enjoying our children like we have not before.It is still not perfect. Ben's work has been really busy and somewhat stressful. My hands are still 'full' all day everyday. But no doubt we are relieved to have this time. 

So i want to ask all of you who are stay at home moms to consider something...Or if you know of some stay at home moms that you think may be interested. I did some research in college for a public speaking class about 2 incomes versus one. We had to do a persuasive speech and i persuaded half my class (we had to do a class poll after for part of our grade) become stay at home moms..
I am aware that there are some stay at home mom blogs, some church or organization based blogs relating to stay at home motherhood, but i was curious if some of you would be interested in helping me build a blog for stay at home moms to encourage them, to address and answer questions, to do some research about dual incomes vs. one etc. I want it to have several 'authors' and maybe allow each 'author' to take a different aspect and then feature certain topics on specific days.  Please let me know if you are interested. :)