Saturday, July 31, 2010

6 Days & counting

Ben has a wedding that he was asked to do (photography) in the Florida Keys. The couple got the delux package, which come with a 2nd photographer. Being that i haven't undergone any major photography training, Ben has been using a good friend of ours , Lillian Prince, whom we met at church, to do photography with him. My two little men keep me so busy that i haven't been able to stop and become a "2nd shooter" for my hubs, (plus i have this overwhelming feeling that i do not have the radically talented eye for things that he does)...Lillian is very talented, but has two little people to care for all day everyday, so she is limited to how many weddings she can take on, so...
Lillian, her husband Ryan, Ben and me are going to Florida to do this wedding. Because it would be a little odd for Lil and Ben to go alone AND because Ryan and I are welcoming the thought of something that resembled a vacation we are all going! Now to add some more fun Ben's mom sales Time Shares. We called her to see if she had somewhere down there that might be a good deal..and hooray! We are staying at one of her resorts for a great deal! We have to rent a car because we are flying down there and are there for a week. The only ones available were a convertible or a grandma car (i can't remember the names of either)! You guessed it!
Now for the "kicker"...our babies are staying with their grandparents! Yep FOR 8 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!
I should send nerve pills and energy pills along with the boys luggage!..I am PRAYING they sleep, that Brennan is compliant, & that they like us when we return! (both our kids and my parents) :)
SO i am packing packing packing this week and i am part excited, part anxious...BUT
"Be ye anxious for NOTHING, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God..."Phil 4:6