Monday, August 2, 2010

A Little Messy

Having our sweet boys so close has been a challenge, it has been fun, it has been an adventure! Someone asked me the other day how i get anything done and the following pictures are an answer to that question (and don't worry this was a rare day when Knox took a late late nap).

Here is the result of Brennan's "cooking" the other day. He wanted to make soup like i was...
I read in a cookbook that your spices are to be thrown out and updated once a year..Well folks, i got a spice rack as a wedding gift and we are going on 7 years..Besides what recipe do you use regularly that calls for fennel and corriander? So here it is folks. Fennel and corriander soup de jour, compliments of Chef Brennan..

Its about right here that i realized he had gone to the potty and never asked for help getting his underwear back on..hmm...the half-naked chef.Sounds like a debut of a new show for TLC or the cooking network!

This was on a Saturday..Ben took the boys for a ride around our circle while i was cooking..check out the cheese on Knox face!!!!
Here is what they were doing while i was cleangin the breakfast dishes yesterday.
And the latest...tonight while i was cooking super and Brennan was 'helping' me, Knox was in the playroom playing with blocks, i went to stir the corn and came back to find this: