Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I sat today digging through PILES of data for 1st and 2nd graders. I saw it over and over LOW in spelling, environmental awareness...i herd it from the special ed teachers as i talked with them...we need PARENTS who care....
Oh moms..most of you precious ones reading this are FABULOUS. Your little 3 and younger ones know more than a lot of kindergarteners. The call to be a good mom is only screaming at me as i work at this.
I have heard my mom preach more about motherhood than any other subject. I listen and watch her invest in young moms in her hometown. I saw her invest in a group of college girls who are now AMAZING mothers!! She not only trained my sis and i in the area of mother hood and wifehood, but countless others that she comes in contact with. She is truly a Priscilla, a Lois and Eunice...and i am so thankful. May i continue that legacy Mama..
And to you dear moms..i challenge you to talk about why you are such an intentional parent, to encourage your friends in this and to invest in someone younger than you who is not in this stage yet...to desire to be a godly wife who serves and loves her husband and a godly mother who sacrificially serves and loves her babies.
I am forever haunted by my friends statement to her own mother-mom-i never wanted 'all those nice things'-i wanted YOU...what are we giving our kids?
i will rend to lean on the side of life being about my kids too much instead of the more culturally common life being about me..But it is neither...its is about Christ and everything in my life should reflect that..