Saturday, October 9, 2010

tribute part 2

So today i am going to be telling you about some the most talented man i know. 
His name is Ben, he is my husband. 
He started playing soccer at 3. He was a athletic legend by 16 and was known as Boomer at Mcminn County High School were he was punter and set field goal records. He turned down the road to fame in college though he was offered numerous SEC scholarships..and went to University of Mobile on a soccer scholarship where he could be in the game longer.. (I claim that God did that so that we could meet.. :)
In college he was known by all as the most geniune, compassionate, on-fire-for-God guy they knew. He was leading worship at several on campus praise meetings, and although he was gifted then, God has grown him into an amazing, Spirit-led worship leader. He takes any believer in ear shot of his voice into the presence of God when he leads. He prepares the hearts of listeners..i would rather hear him lead worship than anyone else...even all those famous guys that i don' t know their names..BUT what is even crazier is that when he opens God's Word and speaks a prepared lesson, he is such  a great teacher too! He thinks differently than the average pastor..he is not cliche, he almost doesn't know normal (or maybe i know normal too well...i was at the Souther Baptist Convention EVERY year birth to 18!!!!) At first i didn't think that was a good thing about him, but now i see it has been refreshing to hear someone who is non-religious and 100% geniune. 
And i haven't even touched on his eye for the is bewildering to me. When we first married i didn't think he should have an opinon about where to hang a picture-that was my job-but i began to see that he sees things differently- he is REALLY good at recognizing what looks well or balanced. When we are out together sometimes i am amazed at what he sees or will choose to take a picture of. He bring it home and it will be art..worthy to be sold in a museum..
And how he captures brides & weddings..i tell him all the time i wish he could have done our wedding photos...but i am glad and would rather that he be my groom!
So the ever talented-started-his-own-business Ben never ceases to amaze me at what he can do...i want to say that line from Sound of Music to him all the time but he doesn't know the movie..."my dear is there anything you can't do?!"