Thursday, October 21, 2010

the highlight of my year so far

May I preface this with saying there is no amount of time or words to say what Ish and Amber mean to us (and will continue to as time goes by). Ish is Ben's college roomate, bff, work partner and some thought more..haha..Amber lived across the hall from me my freshman year of college. Ben graduated my freshman year and left me (his main girl) and Ish (his main boy) behind..8 LOOOONNNG hours away. We mourned together. Seriously. That is what it was like, we would sit around talking about him and how great he was...(and is). About a year ago i got a message from Amber asking what i knew about a guy named Ismael Pruitt that had requested to be here fb friend. She saw that he was friends with Ben and I and wanted to know more. Meanwhile Ish calls me and Ben wanting to know more about Amber and just how he missed her in college..the rest is history. Their wedding was a blast from the past as our UM worlds collided. It was such a gift to be around some people we love so much that we know love us!

Our friend Heather McElligot looking beautiful..miss you Mills! Come see us again soon!
And Brennan & Layla hit it off well as you can see..How couldn't they? Christina and I always have more than a little in common!! We stayed up til 1 am the first night of the wedding festivities livin like the old was a true gift from GOD..that girl brings me massive happiness!!

The Bedsole Girls...(girls who lived in Bedsole dorm at University of Mobile)..Includeing my freshman roomy great it was to see you and give you hugs! and meet Heidi!!
The Pruitt/Finch families!! Can you tell our kids were past tired?

My ever so handsome husband sporting a bowtie for the first time in his life...he will do anything for as best man for his ISH...aka his "first wife". I am so thankful that rooming with Ish helped prepare him for life with me..the affection, the neediness--haha, the minimalist-ness..
Thank you dear friends for letting us be such a sweet part of this weekend..It blessed us so so much and has been my most favorite, wonderful part of the year!