Sunday, October 31, 2010


Speaking of..its that time for me and if i am even still very long i will fall asleep-on any given day at any given moment of quietness and stillness which is rare!
However, this post is not about my bedtime but yours or rather your children's.. For all you momos out there:
1. what time do your kids go to bed?
2. do they take a nap (or more than one)?
3. at what point did they stop taking naps completely?
4. did they/do they fight you at nap or bedtime?
5. what do you do about it (spank etc)?
6. how did you know it was time to stop naps?
7. if they miss a nap are they irritable?
8. are they semi- mostly pleasant before nap?
9. is it worth the fight for nap if they go to bed earlier (i.e. more time for you to rest or spend w. hubs)
10. what is  your bedtime routine?