Monday, November 15, 2010

Love thy neighbor...

It has been a bit of a joke that Ben and I live in a retirement community. We LOVE it though..Meet our neighbors:
1. Next door-Mrs. Judy & Mr. Phil-Judy a retired pediatric nurse (who could ask for more?!) She loves our boys and has a bag full of toys that they know just where to find everytime we pop in for  a visit. She came over at 1 am to stay with Brennan when i thought i was in labor with Knox. She has an apple tree in her front yard that we 'rob' every year to make everything apple-y. Her husband watched Brennan play in their dirt while i got supper started last week when Ben was out of town..these are just a few of the glorious things they have done..
2. Chuck and Kay-now gone to be with Jesus, Mrs. Kay had a basket of matchbox cars that her 10 granchildren had collected over the years that she let our boys play with. She talked like a real Southerner-no R's.....she loved Jesus and talked about Him to most everyone..also a HUGE Tennessee fan! She once told me as i was sporting my Aubrun sweats.."now honay..thats the wrong orange.."
3. Mrs. Norwood..80+, living alone...widowed and could 'talk you blind' as they say. ( and that's coming from me!) She fell last year in the yard and Ben and I took her to the ER. God gave me uncharacteristic-like bravery and i applied pressure to her wound while trying to keep Brennan off of her and Knox was in the sling.. she has made both of our boys knit blankets and the most precious quilt with "now i lay me down to sleep". She has also knit me some cozy house shoes and raves about my taco soup..she fell again the other day and i had to tell her friend who was over how to contact her on a mission to make her dinner at least 3 times a week.
4. Mrs. Jack..not afraid to state her opinion, in fact her first words to me were "now i'm not tryin to tell you what to do, but those nandinas shouldn't be above knee high" to which i replied looking aimlessly at our bushes.."which ones are nandinas?"  We have talked about God. I have shared the gospel. She says its the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her..not too sure where her heart stands with all of it...she was widowed when her son was 7. He takes care of her now..never married..that boy has patience and love for her that is rare..
5. Mr and Ms. Partane-Mr P is a neat-o-holic a retired car sales man he will be out detailing his car 4-5 days after you saw him detailing his car..his bushes, monkey grass and RV are spotless and always in place..his son that is Ben's age passed away this morning..diagnosed with cancer only 3-4 months ago..been in ICU..came home Saturday and i talked to him..said he thought he was going to die..i wanted to ask if he was ready for that and share Jesus, but teh ambulance men were there and he hadn't even got off the stretcher..i thought i would wait till today...hmm
6. Blake and Carry-engaged couple..not living together..she just is over a lot  helping him make decor decisions. I got to see a sneakpeak of her wedding gown choices the other day..they've had us over to watch a movie after the kids were asleep-a mini-date night..(don't worry Mrs. Judy was over to listen out for the babies..)
Then there are 2 vacant houses across from each other..i could give you the run down of the whole circle..but i don't really KNOW them..just the cars they drive and who frequently visits..maybe their music preferences bc they drive with the windows down when its pleasant out..HA! Yes the joys of being a stay at home mom...we know all our neighbors..and they know us..probably a little too well..:):)
BTW the school that i am at for 8 hours a week is so close that i don't loose internet signal between my house and the school..pretty cool huh???!
So welcome to Guile Street you know more about my little world..