Sunday, November 21, 2010

De-clutter-bug Contest

Okay. I have seen a lot of bloggers have contests on their blogs..this is my first..I have a cleaning schedule. My husband laughs at my alliterations and tells me that is why is was a great 2nd grade teacher..

I have talked with several friends lately who have asked how I keep my house "so clean". The answer is BY GOD'S GRACE each day, and a cleaning schedule has really helped. Sooooo I know it can be overwhelming to think about getting started and wanted to offer some motivation..

Here is the schedule:

Mopping Monday-sweep and mop all floors.
(we have hardwood-this would include vacuuming if you have carpet)
Tidy Tuesday-take a clothes basket (or 2) and go through the house picking up any item that does not belong in the room it is currently in and place it where it goes.
Washing Wednesday-wash all clothes. (whites, colors, kids) dry. fold. put away.
Thorough Thursday-clean bathrooms-showers, toilets, sink..dust (& vacuum furniture if you have indoor pets)
Frugal Friday-make menu for the week, clip or print coupons, make grocery list, grocery shop
Sometimes Saturday-there may be something during the week that you didn't get done or completed-do it today.
Satisfied Sunday-find your satisfaction in God and rest from your busy life. Don't do house work today
**everyday tasks include-loading unloading dishwasher,
And for those of us who have toddlers that eat in a highchair:
sweeping floors, & timer-time [quick set your oven timer for 5 minutes and the whole family picks up as many toys as possible & puts them away before it goes off-we do it before bathtime each night]

Now before you panic-give yourself grace. This will be new to some of you. You have 4 weeks-4. And if you are wondering how this is possible-i don't have a lot of "down time". I don't watch tv during the day, i usually don't even blog or fb during the day, i dont go shopping, do a lot of outings, BUT i DO work 8 hours a week at Ingleside Elementary and plan lessons for the 2 days i am there. I work 10:30-2:30 and the boys are at Mother's Day out 10-3. We have play dates and park days and library days occasionally too.

Here are the contest rules:
1. Take a picture of your house now. Room by room. (yes even THAT room)
2. Spend 4 FULL weeks on the schedule
3. Take pictures of each room after using the schedule for 4 consecutive weeks
4. Ask your husband (& children if they are old enough) what they think of the new cleaning schedule
5. Send pictures and family's comments to
Winners will be announced December 22.

AND NOW....for the prize...dantadanta..
a $25 dollar credit for Ben Finch photography!!!! Visit his blog or website and choose from a fine art piece, a family photo shoot package or more.. will have a CLEAN home for the holidays. Whether you travel and come home to a clean home or if you have family coming to you!
GOOD LUCK and may the best house win!!!


Here are 2 new links that might be encouraging to you..its a husband and wife..The husband is doing a series on raising boys "shaping their masculine identity" and the wife is constantly giving words of wisdom like her latest post "contentment in our homes"