Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So...how'd it go?

I hope to encourage all of you in this post as well as answer some questions.
1. YES..my boys follow and participate in each of my cleaning activities.
Mopping Monday:sweeping-they love it--actually fight over who gets the "tiny" sweeper. I use a dustpan with a small broom attached to sweep up piles. And really love my dust vac! Brennan is old enough to help with the mopping, but i do have to do the 'wet' part while Knox is asleep or he will fall..Brennan comes 'behind' me and dries the floor. We just put an old rag on a swiffer and he dries the floors..(very inefficently might i add-mainly just where he walks..)
Tidy Tuesday-somedays it feels useless-REALLY! As soon as i get all things picked up it seems there are more out-but i just wait- if its a toy..we do that part after super (with the timer-see previous post). Brennan has recently become helpful in this area.
Washing Wednesday-they push or pull their own baskets to the laundry room-thinking it great fun & Brennan brags about how strong he is. While i fold, Knox puts away the washcloths bc they are in the bottom drawer in the bathroom. Brennan puts away his underwear & socks. I put away the rest or it is no longer folded..
Thorough Thursday-we all don the rubber gloves..they are both so young that they put their hands in their mouths without thinking..so if i have cleanser out that is what they play with..the rubber gloves..and old toothbrushes..to "scrub" with.
Frugal Friday-i let brennan go through the papers and use his starter scissors to "cut" while i am cutting coupons..they love grocery store day..Brennan always asks me when we get in the car "Do you have your list?" if you know me well-that is truly a helpful question..and a very responsible 2 yr old..