Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cleaning Supplies

I am responding to my dear friend Elizabeth Mahan's blog..she is in the running for this declutter-bug contest and lives in Mobile Al. She and I got to be friends my last year at the University of Mobile (where she worked until having her new baby-Carson). We had a ton of mutual friends and she is such a bubbly-bright spot to all who know her!!! 
On her blog she has been chronicling her days on the cleaning schedule and had a few questions. I wanted to respond here just in case it might benefit any of you! Read her blog here and then the response below:
floors:hardwood-Murphy's oil/bathrooms-Mr. Clean lemon antibacterial dishes:Cascade-dishwasher/ handwash-dawn walls-hmmm...diluted colored-Mr. Clean/white-Clorox spray tubs/sinks: Scrubbing Bubbles or Soft scrub spray toilets-Mr. Clean same as above I LOVE clorox wipes they are my serve all in a crunch Clothes-tide and OXY clean for stains (that stuff does miracles) dusting-pledge so there it is..not to mention paper towels and windex. i use a scrub brush with a handle to do dishes that have dried food. i don't like brilo pads or SOS pads, but srub buds work wonders on baked stains for pots or pans.. And i can't clean without a couple of old toothbrushes..and old mismatched socks to dust with!!!!!!!