Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Okay stay at home moms....this is for you whether veteran, first timers or somewhere in the middle...WHEN and HOW do you build in breaks for yourself?
I am aware and convicted by the high calling of motherhood. It is all about SELFLESSNESS and SACRIFICE and nonstop SERVING! 
I also know we are human and weak and must depend on Christ's strength and Holy Spirit power to get through each day..but what do you do for rest for your SOUL? Not just time in the Word or at church but otherwise?
I remember talking to my friend last year and she had an almost 3 year old and had not had one night "off" since she was born...no sitter, no one else putting her to bed...Part do me feels that can be unhealthy..a child getting so expectant of the same and unfamiliar with other adults they can trust. 
I am blessed to have had my mom give us some awesome breaks this year (like an 8 day vacation without kids!) and they go to mothers day out 2 days a week, however i am working at an elementary school with someone else's kids on those days...and i come home to an occasionally  overwhelming amount of house work that did not get done that day...
I tend to lean towards legalism in the area of work..house work or whatever..so word of warning to you aspiring cleaning schedulists..it can get out of hand...but also just the day in and out of keeping house and home sound with 2 little ones...
So although i am sure some of you are laughing at the thought of a break, just like me..what can we do about it??????