Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary! I love you BEN

its bad i know...

...When i STILL haven't posted pictures of our vacation! I put them on facebook though so maybe you'll forgive me! They are only on one computer and i have to upload them individually and it takes FOREVER!
Sooo..its a wordy, picture-less blog today. Im sorry.
I have had a 7 year anniversary and a 28 year birthday since i posted so i am feeling a little old and behind. We didn't really celebrate either...we had just gotten back from a weekend away with the kids at the Wilderness Resort in Gatlinburg (via a last minute cancellation of Ben's mom's client) and Ben had been trying to catch up from the week before of being out of town for our week long vacation so were still catching back up and trying to find normal again. We HAVE made plans however for a one night get away to Nashville next weekend for our anniversary bc Ben has a shoot there. One morning of no one waking you before 7 am and not having to cook bfast and supper sounds like a treat! My super sweet friend Jennifer made sure i celebrated my birthday by treating me to a pedicure (which is ALWAYS nice but especially when you're pregnant!)
Everyone keeps asking me how i'm "handling the heat" and truth is im loving it! I HATE to be cold and i LOVE the summer! We have been out to Ben's dad's pool a bit with the boys and Knox is swimming without me holding him (with a vest and float though of coarse) Brennan would still rather paddle around on the steps.. We take walks early in the morning or right before bed. I think i walked to the library for the last time this pregnancy though. We went on MOnday and between the heat and pushing 60+ pounds up a hill in the double stroller i decided i didn't really need or want to go into labor early..but if i get ready in a couple of weeks i bet that would do it..that or a trip to Walmart with them alone! (Lord help me!) Seriously i am very blessed by God to have calm pregancies and remain healthy and have energy to the end..
I return Thursday for them to measure and may have an ultrasound. They are not sure if she is growing enough or properly due to me measuring to much smaller and i've even lost weight this week which is odd for this stage, but i am eating and trusting God..
Our boys have been so SO enjoyable lately. I even caught myself almost worrying about it the other day..why are things going SO well? Then we had yesterday.. an almost total bad day. A trip to Target, Walmart, Hobby LObby, and TJMAX all in 2 hours. In and out with two boys alone, but we did it in the morning, before they were tired and hungry, and we only went in and got the things we needed and of course ran to every potty in the store..Knox had an accident in Target and in Hobby Lobby decided to hide my wallet in the ribbon section..which i didn't realize until we were in the drive through trying to get starving Brennan a burger...yes we were all about to cry!
But alas we made it home and survived another rainy day today. We run out and play in between showers and i will have to post some of the pics from them splashing in puddles! its too cute!
Now we await our little Molly's arrival in 4-5 weeks! WHOA! WHOAAAAAOOOO!!!! Yea. it still isn't real. Any words of wisdom mommies of 3 three and under..hello are you there? no you aren't. you are BUSY. thats right.. yeah..pray. a lot. i do. I WILL..thank you! (Yes that was an imaginary conversation with me and a mom who may have done this before)...

"Leaning, Leaning Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, Safe and Secure from all alarm, Leaning Leaning, leaning on the EVERlasting Arms"...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the trip down...

We found a little old fashioned pit stop complete with homemade from a rock salt ice cream freezer ice cream. A perfect place to wake up to after their (very) short nap..Brennan is on a little play ground area they had beside the store..
The driver of the troops...
Brennan watching a movie on the i phone..
Knox playing a matching game on the i pad...

Brennan's 3rd Birthday

We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and had chips and cupcakes..
and ate picnic style
he got a new scooter from grandaddy..
and LOTS of train stuff
I LOVE this picture..Brennan looked up at his friend Isaac and said "you're my favorite Isaac in the whole wide world"!!! My super sweet little man!!!  Happy some ways i cannot believe you are three in some ways you feel so much older and wiser..LOVE YOU..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Motherhood today..

Baby Molly is growing… I am 32 weeks. SUPER hard to believe. We still have to convert her bed back to an infant bed from the toddler version it was in for Knox. I have a shower coming up next week, after that I will be able to determine real needs for her nursery.

My friend Alyson and I have done a clothes swap. I gave her all my boy clothes and infant gear she gave me all her girl clothes and gear. She is due I think a month or two after me. She has a precious little red-headed girl named Capri and is expecting a little boy. It was so fun. I handed her a blue Bumbo, she handed me a lavendar one. I handed her a blue and yellow bouncy seat, she handed me a pink and brown one…I have to admit I like her style. There were lavenders, browns, greens, yellows, lots of polka dots and it wasn’t all pastel pink with flowers. That stuff just isn’t as fun to me…

I am working on the nursery. I found a super great deal on some lettering today for $5 a piece. I will show you asap.

I get this way everytime I get near 30 weeks. Its this compelling, overpowering, pressuring, passion to CLEAN. Like vacuum under beds and tops of closets, dust ceiling fan blades, wash everything washable. I find myself cleaning the floors endlessly wondering silently if this will be the ‘last good  mopping’ the floors get before the baby comes home. I did it with Brennan but it has progressively gotten worse each pregnancy. I’ve read about those who fold and refold the layette but really?

Here are some examples of stuff I have done this week:

vacuum under our bed and behind furniture in our room

clean out all closets and organize shoes and clothes on shelves in our closets

scrub the shower with bleach and a toothbrush

vacuum the blinds

wash the couch cover

rearrange and reorganize the playroom

clean out/organize the laundry cabinets

sort through a ton of stuff to give my mom to ‘yard sale’ at her booth


Add that to cleaning up pee constantly it seems our boys have had trouble ‘ringing’ the toilet this week and my sensitive nose is going NUTS about that smell..Why DOES boy pee smell worse? Seriously?! Plus Knox has about 2-3 accidents a week still.


I am one TIRED mama! But right now my feet are propped up on two pillows, my hair is wet and my tummy smells delicious from the pomegranate anti-stretch lotion. My hubs is at Camp all week teaching. Knox keeps asking-this is the first time he has been gone this long since Knox was able to remember to ask for him, plus he is a HUGE daddy’s boy.


I started a ‘letters to my children’ journal this week.

I find myself wondering what Molly will look like. Brennan looks like me, but with Ben’s skin and eye color. Knox looks like Ben, but with my skin and eye color. Brennan’s personality is sweet, passionate and structured. Although he requires a lot of play his energy is not the same as Knox’s. Knox’s personality is silly, compelling and a little on the wild side. He is on a higher speed than most. His favorite word right now is “WWHHYYYYYY” He draws it out so long its hilarious. He says it to everything. That and “Otay”. Brennan’s favorite saying right now is “I’m just ________ okay ________?” Like Im just going to fix this light switch with my tools, okay mommy? or Im just going to take this tractor over here knox okay?

Sometimes it seems like my favorite saying is “I’m about to get the spanking spoon”. I told Ben the other day that I think if our kids could draw a picture of me that I would be holding that spoon…

SO there is a LONG family update..hope all of you are well...