Friday, September 30, 2011

-knox's happy birthday muffin...

It me forever to figure out what Knox asked for..

Check out those boots

All Knox wanted from Hunter and Chase was a ride on their gator..

Here we are at Bens birthday celebration.


We all had a blast!

Happy birthday Ben and Knox!

Our little ones..

Knoxie is growing into such a big boy!


This is how we spend our evenings after supper. Outside enjoying the fall weather

Yesterday Brennan found a tiny caterpillar and said look mom its the very hungry caterpillar!

Then he had to show it to Molly who was quite interested!

Knox is quite the fan of little sister, especially her hair!

Nap time on Mommy and Daddy's bed..

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dr and other thoughts..

I went Friday for my six weeks check up and so did Molly. I talked with the dr about how fussy she is during feedings. He said it didnt sound like most people that complain about similar things,but suggested I come off dairy for 3 weeks and see if that helps. They checked a poopy diaper to see if there was blood in the stool and it came back positve. My lactation consultant is on vacation until the 30th, so I am asking you other mothers what you think it could be.
Molly is a great baby. She cries when she is hungry or has a gas pain. She rarely cries, but she fusses during feedings. Pulling off occasionally, gurgling, gulping, clicking..sounding like a little piggy. My milk always seems to come so fast. The boys did the same thing, except they didn't cry. She cries, like she is choking like she is strangled, then she spits up. And it is about the same amount as Brennan did, maybe more and it seems to shoot out. Brennan's seemed to almost just burp up, but occasionally was explosive. Her's always seems to explode from deeper...
She sleeps great. Her schedule is usually eats every three hours except right before bedtime I feed her every two. Then she sleeps for 5-6 hours. I feed her then she goes back to sleep for another 3 hours. She naps well in the mornings between feedings and stays awake happy for about 20 minutes after each feeding. She likes to look around,she follows voices, faces and grabs for her pacy.
I talked with two friends whose babies had milk sensitivities/ allergy and they said their babies cried all the time. One of them even noticed obvious blood in the stool. After two- three days of no dairy they both saw an obvious difference. I have not, molly does not cry all the time and I have not seen a difference even though it should take three weeks to get it out of my system..
I am trying to decide if I should continue this diet or not. Dairy is in everything! And I read that milk oversupply can cause the same symptoms. I know that you don't have all the time in the world but I am including the links from a VERY reliable source sent to me from my lactation consultant and I would REALLY love to hear what you think, especially you nursing mommies.
Here is what is says about reflux
Here Is what it says about dairy allergy
Here is what it says about milk oversupply.
Here is what it says about blood in the stool.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Surviving three

So many people are asking how its gong with us...and I will begin by telling you our family verse for the week last week and this one is "do everything without complaining or arguing" phil 2:14
I put it on our chalkboard in the Playroom to remind myself as much as the boys..this weeks verse is" rejoice in the Lord always"...we sang the song and talked about the Lord being another name for God..we have just begun this Monday morning bible time with the boys to work on a verse and concept all week.again I will tell you it is much more than for me than for them. It sets my heart right and teaches me to be the example of a follower of Gods commands.
Knoxmight have had an ear infection didn't take him to the dr but he complained of his ears for two days.Brennan had some pimento cheese with food coloring in it on accident and we had a wild child for two days. Molly ...
We think has colic...or reflux...or a dairy or protein allergy.we talk to the dr again tomorrow. I have researched the symptoms and she has all the symptoms of reflux. We go to the dr tomorrow.
My brain seems like scrambled eggs, I don't think I have finished a phone conversation or any other conversation for that matter in weeks, so sorry friends for not returning calls etc.
But for the most part it is good. As crazy as it is I would have it no other way. I think Knox and Brennan being so close was so tough there about a year ago that just about anything seems less than that:) God is faithfully providing grace one day at a time!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Picture overload

Here are some super late pics from the that Molly is one onto old...

Here is is 2:30 in the afternoon and Brennan is still in his pjs. He has woken me up from a nap because he woke up from his. Knoxis still snoozing in their room and if my picture was taken I believe my pjs are still on!

On august 25 Knox turned two years old. Ben and I said we don't remember Knox not's like his baby days are a blur..maybe that was because that was brennans intense stage..Knox is in his. INTENSE seems such a mild word to describe this little man! Happy birthday knoxie..

It took about four times of me asking Knox what he wanted for his birthday to understand what he was saying it was like "llbrro"... I didn't know what he was saying until he took me to bens and said like daddy's. So grandaddy searched the county for a usable wheelbarrow that is already dirty and still full of sticks.

We got Knox a book called 'my truck is stuck' for his birthday. We were all so excited because when we had checked it out of the library we read it over and over and he asked for it everyday after it was returned. Do you want to know his response when opening it? "Pops"... He was excited about the plastic popping wrapper!!!!!!

Brennan and Ben in after dinner entertainment should hear Brennan he is quite the understudy!

Here is our rainy day fun brought to you from nana's back porch...yes all the way in "nanabama" as Knox calls it.

Brennanbob the builder..

Anna beth..look at that hair! Brennan thinks his cousin is so pretty..

Here they are..the rainy day hat party..yes knox is pant less. Is there any other way?