Thursday, December 15, 2011

The latest

I just got the best Christmas gift ever yesterday! A day out with the three kiddos.
Molly had her appointment in Knoxville at children's hospital yesterday morning so we decided to make a day of it..and as fun of a day as we could.
The doctor told us she was all better and her intestines were on the mend. Still a little blood in the stool from inflammation of the stomach tissues and esophagus lining, but X-rays were clear, no malformation or disfunction! She did fabulous and so did her brothers waiting on her turn and being helpful opening doors for me as I pushed her stroller.
Then we had a blast at West Town mall. We had "chik a lake" according to Knox, for lunch, then we rode the train that goes through the mall called " the bumble bee express" (gotta love that as much as these boys sing "bringing home a baby bumble bee"! ) Then we went to the disney store and bought their cousins Christmas gift, and got a baby dip of ice cream at the marble slAb to share. And folks with three little ones that took us THREE HOURS!!!!!!! Then our exhausted little munchkins fell sound asleep on the way home and stayed that way as I put them in their beds and woke them at 4:15 so that bedtime wouldn't be too late.
I am a last minute Christmas shopper and confess I have SEVEN more gifts to purchase.
We leave Wednesday for Alabama and I am getting ready to see everyone .
Bens new office space is coming along great...all the rooms and trim are painted, the carpet is ripped up, the floors need to be sanded and refinished (a job my dad is coming to help with) so pray for his eyes!
Our days are turning sweeter around here, for that I am rejoicing beyond should see my happy dance! Thankful to God for seeing us through every season and for his grace and kindness today!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A visit to papa and nana's

We went to my parents about a month ago and I am just now getting photos up..

Here is Molly with her 12 days younger cousin Amy kate.. Or as Knox calls her "amy cake"...

And Molly with her papa who calls her his angel...gotta love that look on her face!

We celebrated Charlie's birthday while we were there because his birthday lands on thanksgiving this is Hope and here two girls..

My dad managed to construct a wagon for the grand kids to ride in so that we had a real live hayride while we were there. It was a hit!

Here we are on our Annual trip to Mayfield Farm on Halloween. We dress up and go enjoy the festivities and then come home to go door to door with our three neighbors. You gotta look T the expression on knox's face. He was Molly's age last year when we did the hayride so i Asked him what he thought, he said it was "bumpy".