Sunday, January 2, 2011

more on the winner

I didn't want to post pics with out "E's" permission and didn't use her name trying to keep things private in case she didn't want the cyber world knowing about her personal life..
BUT..she has posted the pics on her blog and so i will lead you there to learn more..oh and read her mom's comment too! Very sweet!
And now on how i know Elizabeth..for starters, we went to the University of Mobile together. She knew Ben before i did. She was on staff at the church he was on staff at his first years in Mobile. She and i met however, through Ismael..if you remember we attended his wedding this past year and Ben was his best man. Ben and Ish were the BMOC i just didn't know it in their prime (i met Ben his senior year-my freshman year).
Elizabeth was one of the girls that let me in on that little secret..and her lovable, wonderful outgoing self was so fun that we became instant friends. My last year at UM we seemed to click and i grew to love her and spend more time with her. (she actually served peach tea at our wedding i think..or cake or something??) anyway..superfun girl that i have seen grow in the Lord in the time i have known her and i am so delighted to have a window into her little wonderful world through her blog.
Once again, congrats dear! Now we get to take a trip to Mobile!