Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yesterday i stopped eating my delicious lemon poppy seed muffins when i heard Knox say 'potty'. He gets this semi-panic look on his face everytime..maybe its because of the way i grab him and run...anyway, Brennan comes in and says he needs to poop too, so big potty little potty side by side they have their morning schedule on track as they grunt and laugh. Upon completion Brennan exclaism good job Knoxie-thats a lot of poop! And then Knox leans over teh potty and goes 'whoa big'.
The joys of boys.
Then as we were riding in the car yesterday Brennan announced 'im eating something' not much of a surprise since there ALWAYS seems to be a neglected cheerio or teddy graham hanging out in their seats, but i amused him by asking what he was eating
"my booger".
EWWW GROSS i say..
"why?" he asked
Buddy we don't eat our boogers thats just yucky i say..
"why is it yucky?"
Becuase its dried snot and we just don't do that. REALLY. Thats gross Buddy don't do that (as Ben is chuckling in the drivers seat)
"okay MOmmy i will not eat my boogers anymore"
You just don't have to teach boys how to be boys do you???!!! Recently we have been largely exhausted as they seem to have kicked into overdrive in the energy department..Seriously. I keep telling Ben we need to set up a video camera just for others public amusement!