Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet thing #3

I wasn't quite ready to share with the entire cyber world that we are expecting our 3rd little "Finchlet" but....you can read about it here on Ben's blog..
We are so delighted that God has chosen to give us another child. It wasn't in the Finch Family Plan quite yet to add another one, but God is in heaven and He does all that pleases Him and it so pleases Him to give us another tiny little bundle of baby.
As far as physically i am feeling well. I am a VERY blessed lady to be one who doesn't experience sickness during pregnancy. I have been tired but have wondered if it had to do with having two other little ones..Spiritually i am learning daily to trust God and emotionally well most days i do okay i have cried a little when the boys have been extra sweet and had a week there where i felt a little zingy and on edge.
So dear friends there it is..