Sunday, February 20, 2011

baby # 3

I realize i haven't been posting enough lately... so about pregnancy #3. I am blessed. I usually do not have the nausea and vomiting that accompanies so many women in their first trimester. I have felt pretty good other than getting headaches which my doc said may be related to anemia..What exactly is anemia? I will google it after i post this blood work came back slightly anemic. It did with Knox too. 
Brennan asks about the "baby in my tummy" a lot. He pulled my shirt the other day saying i want to see it. My pants are starting to get hard to fasten so rubber-band stage here i come. I am 16 weeks. So yep..FOUR months! Crazy!! And very hard to believe.
Everyone has asked if we are hoping for a girl and if we will be done after this one. The answer is only God knows. The way our two boys are eating lately if this baby IS a boy we may HAVE to stop just to pay the grocery bill. Since Knox has been born and Brennan has been on this diet our bill has gone up almost $100 or more a month! Knox LOVES meat. So back to this baby...the other day after showering i thought-yep its a girl look at that-my back is gaining. Every friend that has talked to me about the difference in their bodies in carrying a girl and carrying a boy say that they have gained weight in their back with a girl. But it may just be the way my body is taking on baby #3. According to the scales I have gained like 2-3 pounds but it FEELS like more.
We put twin beds in Brennan's room and as soon as these medical bills get paid from all of Brennan's allergy tests then we will be buying some bedding to match. This month or next we will take Knox's bed down to toddler version and get him used to sleeping in a bigish boy bed before he moves to sharing a room with Brennan. The new baby may even be 6 weeks old or more before we move her/him to what is now Knox's room. So Knox has a while more in that room. Knox will be almost be a full 2 year old when this baby is born (if it doesn't come too early) and Brennan will be 3!! Woo hooo! That HAS to be better than 15 months. 
I am feeling really great now, occasionally i have a tired day..mostly the days i work and then come home and clean and cook and do two boys who didn't nap as well as they should have.
We had a great marriage conference this weekend at our church, i plan on sharing some thoughts from that in the next post. For now maybe i have caught you up with a little of our world.