Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here are some VERY random pictures from the last few weeks.. My parents came to keep the boys last weekend while we had a marriage conference. They served us so selflessly doing laundry and my dad had to be out of town the whole next week and had been a couple of days before but that 5 hour trip was worth it for us all!!  
Does anyone here look happy?

These boys couldn't be happier. They waved goodbye and there was no wailing when we left!

They brought us twin beds for Brennan's room that they got at a Bed and Breakfast going out of business sale..Aren't they beautiful? My mom has an eye for antiques! 
Today after a trip to the doctor to learn that Knox has ring worm but not pnemonia we left half  thankful half disappointed with two prescriptions. We went by TJMAX and I found a GREAT deal for all of it under$80! That seemed so great because what we had picked out online was $300!!! Thank you GOD!!

I put them in their separate beds and heard giggling like two silly school girls in a moment. Knox had brought his pillow and blanket and he and Brennan were having a "shh ing" competition...

Here is Brennan after school last week (President's Day). this was their craft..we have been having to discipline him lately over not taking naps at Mother's day out. They say he lays their and sings all the songs on the lullaby tape, that he talks to all the other kids trying to sleep around him...this is a new problem..any suggestions?? (yes he is like his mother..)

Watching Curious George..

Brennan in action...LOVING his trampoline..yes and always
Knox makes me laugh. He always has to be doing something while he is taking care of business..We had a 1st time success yesterday in a resteraunt. He told me he had to potty and went in a public restroom and PEED IN THE POTTY!!! Way to go Knox!!!
Does 3 years old mean they take on a new level of SILLY? If so Brennan is totally about to turn 3!!! This is one of our outside watering buckets..