Monday, February 28, 2011

Pregnancy update and the Oscars

Well okay not the REAL oscars...we went to the Knoxville TN version of the Oscars on Saturday night...but let me back up a little. Friday morning i woke up feeling AWFUL...all i can say is that it felt like WORK to pull my head up off the pillow as the world spun and i felt like i was going to vomit all over the place i laid that head back down and Ben was superhero Dad. I don't even really know what all happened from 7ish to 10ish when i finally felt like i could stand long enough to shower and then i SERIOUSLY almost fell asleep in the caught myself nodding off!  I ate two scrambled eggs and two pieces of whole wheat toast, drank OJ and a full 8 oz of H2O. I called the doc. She thought i had the beginning stages of the flu but i had no fever..after resting a couple of hours and drinking more i felt back to life. But may i say that one of my first thoughts after feeling so awful was 'Oh NO..the ADDY's!' Ben and i had paid for our table at the AAF regional ADDY awards banquet, had a sitter lined up (THANK YOU KAY AND MIKE SIMMONS!!!!) and its just one of those things that (like the Oscar nominees) you prepare mentally for weeks! Not to mention fret over your attire, your makeup and hair etc..I did not fret too much though, my 'getting ready' totaling 20 minutes of rolling hair, putting on makeup and pulling on a dress and hose. I litterally put one heal and earring on running out the door as Knox screaming at the top of his lungs...BUT Brennan was blowing us kisses and saying "see you later Mommy and Daddy-have fun" (that is a HUGE step that he just progressed to this month-as to a how to-we just always told him honestly where we were going and that we would be back..lately if he began to cry we would simply ask 'can you trust Mommy and Daddy? Don't we always come back to you?" and its like it clicked and he was like oh yeah..youdo!
ANYWAY..on the way i felt so sick like wooo i need to drink something. Ben stopped and got me a vitamin water. We got there early because Ben set up the door prize for the raffle-it was a free lifestyle session! Then it began..may i check your coat? you are to be seated at table 23. right this way. meet so and so and his wife and remember so and so and o nice to meet you one more time before we sat down for the event..salad-meet the MC..meal- more awards, talk with table-more awards and i promise you THEY KEPT CALLING BEN'S NAME!!!!!!! I was like babe that's you AGAIN! And it wasn't just the honorable mention or bronze..he won FOUR SILVER awards!!!!! That is off the charts for someone in their 2nd year at a business that they started themselves with "no official training"!!!
So WOW. This little SAHM had a night of celebrity! Super fun and i truly enjoyed meeting lots of new people and hearing their stories..SO interesting. Funny. The people we were seated beside were engaged..looked to be a year or more younger than us. When Ben mentioned i was pregnant they were congratulatory but when they found our we had 2 at home they were IN SHOCK..'you look so young' she i asked her story she and her fiance both had done the undergrad, masters, have a 5-10 year career plan. They had lived together for a year, decided to marry and she was stressing over a very elaborate wedding plan. They may have lots more money in this life, but it made me so thankful for my riches of a faithful hubs and 3 beautiful children!
So back to the sickness thing..Saturday morning i texted my dr no fever still and feeling much better. She said that she thinks i dehydrated and that since my bloodwork came back anemic i was probably just dealing with those complicated symptoms. Guys i drink A LOT of water. Thats all i drink. Add in milk and/or OJ at bfast seriously i drink. I have a 24 oz camelback bottle that i drink 3-4 of a day or if its dirty i drink an 8 oz glass of water or 2 per meal and at least one in between meals. I eat whole grain toast, cereal or an omelet for bfast daily, a pb sandwich and veggies for lunch with some cheese or fruit. For dinner we only have 1 meatless meal per week. I eat well. I am eating the same or better than with the last 2 pregnancies and may i remind you they were not that long ago. Its not like I'm 10 years older than the last time i was pregnant or the first. That was just 2 years ago! And as far as busy- yes i now have 2 little ones, but with Brennan i was working 7:30-3, coaching cheerleaders either in practice or at 3 back to back games til 8pm, eating when i remembered to and jogging 1-3 miles 3-5 times a week. this was two years ago. with knox i was pushing brennan in a jogging stroller doing 1 mile jog-1 mile walks til i was about 7 months. i am 4 months. i am walking 1-2 miles 3 times a week and yes caring for our home and 2 little what is the big difference? Not sure. Last week was not an overtaxing week. I only worked one day. i spent friday in the bed. I didn't even mop but one room. I didn't even clean the shower. You know? it was a lax week if why did my body quit on me..still unsure..ANY THOUGHTS??
Well super congrats my superhero, super-talented, super-husband!! i love you!