Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Growing up we were taught to say that we were blessed instead of 'lucky'. I learned that at the root of 'luck' was a lack of trust in God being good and choosing to bless occasionally and that unlucky was God also being good and allowing bad things to happen that He alone knows how to work out for the good.
That being said...my Papaw would back up and drive back over the ground that a black cat had walked in front of his truck..and he taught me that broken mirrors and the number 13 were not good...
I have run across a streak of what i am blaming on pregnancy and two boys 2 and under. Last Friday i woke up ambitious. My sister was moving in her new beautiful house and Monday was my mom's birthday. I knew it would mean a lot to my family if i was there. So i loaded up two very excited (very unprepared) little boys and threw clothes and diapers in a bag. Knowing Ben would be out of town the 8-11 i debated going at all but decided i could come back Sunday and have 2 days with him before he left and off we went..5 hours down to T-town. I will make a long story shorter. My mom and i got supper together she loaded up the food and Hopes youngest. I loaded up my two since it looked like rain we drove instead of the short..walkable distance to her house. I told the boys to get in their seats, but that they did not have to buckle up. We got to the little house and i stopped bc i saw my sis there instead of where we were headed. I braked, rolled down the window and my sweet niece asked to ride with me..i said hop in. Well..Knox saw her running and stood up in his seat right as the door opened. He fell out of the car..my first thought..OH NO...GRAVEL and tiny head...bad combo..i jump out of the car...did i mention i had simply put on the brakes? I pick up Knox and the door knocks me down, i watch the back tire of our Honda roll over my leg and SUDDENLY realize the car is still going WITH BRENNAN IN IT..unbuckled...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I also watch as our car slides across the picket fence and mailbox and then my brother in law come to the rescue and jump in the car and park it, getting out my petrified 2 year old as i am in complete shock. SHOCK.
My leg is okay. Miraculously just badly bruised and sore. Knox is ok i think he was more upset about seeing drama for everyone than his scratched head. And Brennan...he is still asking 'why our silver car did that?' Its like he thought the car was being mean..he totally personified it as you can imagine..it was driving BY ITSELF with him in it..
Then today i got to the checkout at Walmart (a trip i rarely take bc of the hassle of a big store and no offer of an Ingles employee to help me get 2 boys and a heaping buggy of groceries to our car) but i had several copies of coupons and on things that are already cheaper there..so after scanning and bagging about 100 items and my coupons i go to pay to find NO WALLET in my purse. Yep none. Brennan had been playing in my purse (i was ok with it bc he was not screaming like Knox was) as i pushed through endless aisles of "Great Value". So i asked him. Nope he never saw it. Great. Did you remember that Ben was out of town this week? He couldn't just runover with his debit card. MIRACULOUSLY again..the cashier lets Ben tell her the credit card number over the phone and allows us to leave without too many strange unkind glances. Did i mention that Brennan tells me he has to potty right as i realize i have no money? And repeats it over and over the entire time i am trying to figure out how in the world i am going to pay for all these groceries. 
I missed 3 calls while this fiasco was occuring from my sweet friend i was supposed to have a playdate with. I call her as i unload 2 kids and groceries into the car. After we pulled out of the parking lot almost to the first red light we heard a thump..it was my phone..it MIRACULOUSLY had fallen from the roof to the truck and was waiting there for me to find it.
Tonight while cooking dinner Knox began pulling on my pants..you know that drill if you are or have ever been a mom...My elastic pants are pretty loose as i haven't gained a lot so far and he pulled them all the way down. I had a sharp knife in my hand or they wouldn't have gotten so far..
After dinner i go to the playroom to separate a fight and find a puddle of pee surrounding the boys favorite building blocks..it was like he was trying to put out a fire with his 'hose'! Our house was a wreck and i wanted to just cry..2 more days of this and Ben will be back...i tell myself..This germaphobe was freaking out at all the disgusting things..Bailey (our dog) had potato soup dripping off her head from where Knox had not made it to his mouth successfully twice..Brennan was whining and crying for multiple reasons and me... well. there you go folks. my head is pounding. P O U N D I N G. 
So good luck or bad-God was the One behind each miracle and providential amazing care amidst these crazy stories. He was the One blessing and allowing the bad and the good.
Smile. Sigh. BED....