Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa!!! We are delighted that our new addition will not (hopefully) consume as many groceries as the little boys we have now...and refreshed by the possiblity of another future nurturing hand.. i must say that i had an inkling of the thought that is was highly probable..due to the small differences this pregnancy has brought.
I am quite tardy at such an important blog post, but it has been a zoo around here. 8/10 of the kids in Knox's mother's day out class have had RSV. Knox and Brennan have it and have been whiny and irritable for the last 4 days. They have wanted to be held more, been more easily upset, been more easily angered, feelings more sensitive etc..Therefore i have played referee a little more intensely, spent a little more time and effort towards there happiness and a lot less time on our home or resting myself. The time change and trying to teach them to sleep in the same room has made bedtime and naptime a little more of a challenge.
As far as names go we are considering Molly Claire. Clara was my grandmothers name, and Ben's mom's name on her birth certificate although she has always gone by Carol. We talked about Lucy Claire, Ruthie Claire and Olivia Kate, but after talking it over with Brennan MOLLY is the only name he likes.. :)
I was sort of bummed to have a friend i teach with tell me this was her little girls' name, but i am learning that my originality is not what matters.
This weather is so delightful and refreshing. Thinking of spring and a little girl in sundresses is quite a sweet thought to me.
We love her already and everyone we have talked names with seems to think a Molly would fit quite well into our family..
Her room will not be painted. It will stay the pale sage that it is..we will throw in some barely pinks and barely browns or khacki. I'm sure her aunts and all my friends with little girlies will be clothing her for the next 2 years, but Ben has said no nail polish or Barbies for a long time! Haa..I think she may be playing with dump trucks and screwdrivers if her brothers have anything to do with it..but at least she will have  bow in her hair while she is working! :)
I am trying not to think to deeply on the differences of boys and girls YET...for the first year you are just a mommy to a baby and that always looks differently for each infant...but care is generally the same..feed, nurture, bathe, clothe, feed, hug, love, feed...hahah..Can you tell that i felt like i nursed the last 3 years of my life away?!
Any great words of encouragement or advice?