Saturday, March 19, 2011


Ben was out of town week before last and returned with this YUMMy box of cupcakes!
My personal favorite chocolate mint with a girlscout thin mint on top!
The day we found out it was a girl my parents had this arrangement waiting for us when we returned! (Yes delivered!!)


I probably shouldn't be allowed to blog as tired as i was the other day when i posted about it being a girl and i don't want to sound ungrateful or expectant about my sweet sister in law or friends..we will clothe this baby...everyone has just seemed so excited about buying or handing down girl clothes, because if we admit it, all of us think they are more fun, right?! I mean boys are pretty standard, jeans, khakis, shorts, socks, button ups, polos and four pairs of shoes (church shoes for both seasons, tennis shoes and boots)..

I have been so past tired that the word doesn't even seem appropriate. I never took the boys to the doctor. With 8 confirmed cases in Knox's class i called the doctor, but didn't go in as to not contract another something or to pay for a lab test that says yes this is RSV. The doc said that there was really nothing he would do-there is no medicine for it, it just must run its course like any virus. If they worsened he suggested a humidifier and/or nebulizer. We have done both. They got a fever after day 5...the cough seems to be better today. When i went to register the boys for the summer mothers' day out i asked the teacher about who all had it and what they were doing about it. Apparently it can be caught up to 6 feet away, live on a surface for up to 90 minutes, if they cough, sneeze or snot on anything and then touch something else it will spread.  It lasts up to 7 days and if a child was premature or has previous breathing problems it can be really bad.
Praise the Lord so far we are okay. Boys seem to be energized, just irritable and over it! The xopenex seemed to make them a little wild even though i only gave them a half a dose every other day.
Yesterday i was at my wits end between the sickness and the trying to teach how to share a room. i had not gotten my nap with them or gone to bed early the last few days so it took its toll. 
My DEAR DEAR friend Whitney that babysits for us a lot came by with yellow daisies, a yellow onesie with pink daisies for our new baby and Thomas pjs for Brennan, Elmo pjs for Knox and she stayed so that i could get a shower for the first time all day (at 7pm) and put the boys in 
the bath while i showered. did i mention that she brought a chocolate bar too?!!!!! Wow!!! I told her God must have sent her!!!!!
Rejoice in the Lord always i say thank you dear God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!