Sunday, March 20, 2011

overwhelmed & sharing rooms update

We thought that it would be a good idea to start the boys sharing a room before our little girl arrives. we are now re-thinking that. 
The loss of sleep and whiny-ness from the boys, the anger and frustration it has brought Ben and me, the wild-ness it has seemed to bring out in the boys at bed time..too much for this pregnant lady and overworked, under-payed hubs. so the verse in james "do not worry about tommorow for today has enough trouble of its own" is our theme right now. 
The boys being sick, Knox not being two yet, Brennan not understanding why he must share the one thing he wasn't having to share yet (his room) all a little much for us right now.
 The reason we began now was because Knox has learned how to crawl in and OUT of his crib, with the bars up, with the lights out, carrying his teddy. It really is a miracle that he hasn't fallen or that it hasn't happened earlier. He LOVES his big boy bed and gets SO excited about being in it that he doesn't want to sleep. He has successfully napped twice in his BB bed., with Brennan asleep in his BB bed beside him. We have attempted bedtime twice, but saw that it was a battle we are not ready for- so naps only so far.   Brennan adjusted pretty well, however, the second night of them having shared the room for nap, at bedtime i had gotten Brennan through the potty, prayers, hugs and kiss stage and was about to walk out of the room when Knox started crying (after climbing out of the crib for time #4 or 5). Brennan said "mommy that hurts my feelings". I responded "what did?" and he said "when you leave to go make Knox obey." I realized at that point that this little man was feeling the time he had lost to mommy bc of brother for the last couple of days. We talked and hugged and prayed and he was fine (and Ben tended to Knox).
 We seem to have hit a new intensity here at our house, and Ben is supposed to be out of town again this Wednesday-Saturday. I don't think i can do it alone, but i am honestly not thinking i want to put them in the car and travel 5 hours to my moms-even if help is there when i get there. Any suggestions?
I would LOVE a vacation. (Seriously, wouldn't we all?!)  But a tiny bit of time away, to reflect, to think about this new baby coming, to pray about her being a end or big pause in our family read my Bible, to pray, to rest..
We can all dream can't we?? :)