Tuesday, March 29, 2011


REALLY. I am desperate for suggestions. Knox can get out of anything you put him in. He fell after trying to get out of his baby crib. He had been getting out of it for several weeks, but had never fallen. It happened. And so we converted it to toddler bed and put up the rail. We figured it safer, yet still semi-containable. 
We do not feel that it is best to put him in the twin bed in Brennan's room b/c brennan gets upset over knox getting lots of discipline and it does not allow him to get his sleep thus the night night process is quite lengthy for both-almost doubling. 
I have also been having them sleep at the same time(so that i get a real break), letting Brennan play/read books while I'm getting Knox down. But the "getting Knox down" has turned into the 20-30 minute process of him getting up a bizillion times and me having to lay him back down. Meanwhile Brennan is quite the exhausted fella himself and doesn't always have the patience (or quietness) needed for this process-so he will come in the room, or cry loudly, or many other imaginable things. 
Bottom line #1 Knox has got to learn to stay in his bed. #2 This tired pregnant mama is at her end emotionally and physically everyday at this point. 
Ben was at a meeting today during this process and i cannot always count on his assistance-so i've got to learn to go it alone.
PLEASE tell me you have an idea that i haven't thought of!!!!!!!!!!
(Yes, Knox can get out of a pack in play-he turns it over with him...)
Lord help you Molly Claire. Please be laid back!