Monday, April 4, 2011

The Rain

The scriptures in the previous post are running over and over through my head.
It has rained a lot here this year. I read the annual weather summary from this past year and it stated that we had a 'colder, snowier winter that lasted well into February' and 1/10 of rainfall would occur in the month of March'..they were correct!
As many researchers have concluded weather effects the mood. I have growled to myself everytime i walked outside for at least four months! BUT do you know what the weather is like MOST days in Athens TN? '60-80 and partly to mostly sunny'...only one third of the year is it wet and cold..the other 2/3 are mostly pleasant! But isn't it like us to complain?!
I wanted to combine the thoughts of the quiver post with thoughts on suffering. I have 3 friends with 7 or more children. I was a nanny (and consequently a mentee) of a lady who has nine. I never cease to be amazed at what these women do to the glory of God. "whatever you do, in word or in deed...whether you eat or it ALL to the glory of God"...they change diapers and nurse for up to 14 years of their lives!!! DAILY. They are taking up their cross for the sake of Christ. No, they are not in a 3rd world country living in tents, sharing God's story, BUT they are living less than glamorous lives-in smaller budgeted houses, with less than glamorous nails, hair and wardrobe in a world that prizes those very things. Their vacations and eating out are less often than the family of 2...and hand me downs are welcomed by all. BUT none of the moms, dads, or (older) siblings that i have spoken of would change a thing bc of wht God has taught them in the process. There is a lady at our church with 2 boys and a girl who has a severe birth defect, i have a friend with two girls 15 months apart and a little 18 month old with downs-3 children under 3! These women have learned God in ways many will never know Him.

My own story is similar. Though i have not known the depths of toughness as the above mentioned women, i have 'suffered' in my limited opinion with our boys being so close and our budget so tight. BUT GOD HAS BEEN MORE THAN FAITHFUL and my suffering is but a scratch on the surface of what God has in store for me. ALL of us who have undergone any degree of suffering and have allowed God to teach us during that time are greater for it. Our hearts bound closer to His through it, our faith increased, our love deeper, our compassion greater!

Without so MANY days of cold and rain, what would i care (or even notice) of the sunshine? WOuld i walk about relishing and drinking in every moment of each ray, each song of the robin more precious, each rise in the temp reason for praise?

Its the same with the suffering...were it not for those days without the suffering, would not our appreciation grow weaker for the good?
OH but that our appetite for the suffering were the same! If we taste the sweetness of God so deliciously in the suffering why do we not say "Bring on the RAIN"?

Thank you Jen also for your post on your blog that is so great on this topic!