Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quiver and Birth Control

So beginning now-here are some excerpts from what i read in regards to the 'quiver' post:

In response, it can be pointed out that the Scriptures also say that a wife is a gift from the Lord (
Proverbs 18:22), but that doesn't mean that it is wrong to stay single (1 Corinthians 7:8). Just because something is a gift from the Lord does not mean that it is wrong to be a steward of when or whether you will come into possession of it. It is wrong to reason that since A is good and a gift from the Lord, then we must pursue as much of A as possible. God has made this a world in which tradeoffs have to be made and we cannot do everything to the fullest extent. For kingdom purposes, it might be wise not to get married. And for kingdom purposes, it might be wise to regulate the size of one's family and to regulate when the new additions to the family will likely arrive. As Wayne Grudem has said, "it is okay to place less emphasis on some good activities in order to focus on other good activities."..... .....The "trust God, therefore don't use birth control" thinking is based upon the incorrect assumption that what happens "naturally" reflects "God's best" for our lives, but that what happens through human means does not. Why should we conclude that the way to let God decide the size of our family is to get out of the way and just let nature take its course? We certainly don't think that way in other areas of life. We don't reason, for example, that we should never get haircuts so that "God can decide" the length of our hair. Farmers don't just let the wind plant their crops in the fear that actively regulating what is grown on their land somehow interferes with the provision God wants to give them. And a family doesn't just trust God to provide food for by waiting for it to drop from the sky, but instead goes to the store to buys it. God ultimately determines everything that will happen, both in nature and in human decisions, and He brings His will to pass through means. Human activity does not therefore interfere with his plans, but is instead itself governed by Him as the means to bring to pass His will. Hence, we should not conclude that what happens apart from our planning is "better" and more reflective of God's desires for us than what happens through our planning. God very often causes us to plan as the means towards improving our lives and advancing His kingdom purposes..... .
...Further, God has revealed that it is His will for us to regulate and direct creation for His glory (
Genesis 1:28). God has given us the privilege of being able to make significant life decisions because this exercises wisdom and thus shows the fruit that His word is bearing in our lives. When we rightly use the godly wisdom God has given us, God is glorified. He doesn't want us to simply think we have to take what comes naturally, apart from our efforts, because then our sanctified wisdom is not expressed. In fact, very often it is God's will that we not simply let things move along naturally. Going back to the analogy mentioned above, farmers don't simply collect whatever grain happens to grow in their fields, concluding "this is what God wants to provide." Rather, they go out and plant grain, realizing that God wants to provide not only through nature, but also through the means they employ to steward nature. ...And one might be able to minister more effectively for the kingdom by deciding to have 4 children instead of 15, so that more resources can be given to the cause of missions and more time can be devoted to other areas. If such planning is done for God's glory and in wisdom, and if such planning continues to acknowledge that our plans are not perfect and that birth control does not absolutely ensure anything, it is pleasing to God. for more read the entire article at:


I desire to always give God glory than my problems or circumstances. My desire is that whatever God is walking me through may in some way encourage others. On this blog i don't always filter things super carefully. I need to be more careful about my words on here and in person. God's Word says we are to have fellowship, community, and encourage one weep with those who weep and laugh with those who laugh. This blog has been my effort in that direction- to ask for words of wisdom, for words of grace, for others to say 'i have been there too, here is how God has been faithful' and to do the same for others....
I have considered disabling comments on here-not because i don't want to hear from you-for that is exactly what i want, but facial expressions, tones and love can be hard to discern through black and white typed letters. I will most likely stop commenting on others blogs-and calling or getting together instead-especially if i sense the need for encouragement.
I will begin to post more scripture, less words from Joy, more words of wiser people that can instruct us from authors i am reading, more pictures about our boys less of the drama i am experiencing...
If you want to know how i am doing emotionally, spiritually and physically and can't seem to discern it on here-please call or email or send a message.
I am so thankful for the smaller world that the internet can create for this 21st century mom-i see it as blessing in my life...but there is no trade for the real thing..thank you faithful kind friends for the calls and emails that you have sent after reading.