Thursday, April 21, 2011

a day in our life:

I am planning a post where i take pictures of what is happening every hour at our at 6:55 am all the way till 7:55 pm...coming soon..
BUT...til then i will give you a word overview of today:
It started at 5:30 with Knox. (You may have seen the fb post). He called "mommy"...i didn't go in..."daddy" he didn't go in..."anybody"..hahahah. Ben & i where laughing for a while over that..then after about an hour of that he finally quieted down and we got to sleep til 7am when Brennan came and jumped in our bed. We got up and Ben got on the treadmill and i started breakfast. Brennan helped me make pancakes and cook bacon. Knox woke up at 7:55. We ate and i cleaned up b'fast, packed lunches and backpacks for Mothers Day Out.
I chased the boys around to clothe them, and placed some clothes in the dryer. I sat down to fold an awaiting basket from yesterday that i was too tired to fold at bedtime and got the boys playing with toys in the playroom.  
Not too much later Knox said potty and we ran and i heard the dryer timer buzz..2 little feet run to the laundry room, the dryer door open...close...and the sound of the laundry basket scooting across the floor. Brennan had taken an empty basket, pulled out all the warm clothes and brought them to me! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!
Meanwhile Knox is asking me to ing the potty song and dance bc he has deposited his i do and give Brennan a SUPER BIG hug for being such a great helper! We fold(& refold) clothes til grandaddy get here to pick up the boys for "school". Ben's dad picks them up every Thursday (along with their cousins Hunter-4 and Chase-3) and takes them 2 blocks over to Trinity Tots where these amazing, certified, hymn-singing women care for them from 10am-3pm. 
The troops are off and i put on my jogging (walking now) shoes and head down the street for a quick one. Upon arriving home to stretch and grab a quick shower before my haircut appointment i find some dear ladies inviting me to their church..turns out they new Ben and there goes my shower and errands before haircut..
The lady before me at the salon was 30 minutes late so Nancy was running behind, it gave me time to catch up with our dear friend Whitney who had been so faithful to serve our family and watch our boys..
I was there for 2 hours..! 
I got home..showered, and read my bible. I listened to a GREAT song that was new to me by Hllsong "Still" check it out here.
Picked up the boys, returned something at Walmart & went to Captain D's because online it said that kids eat free and Ben had a photo shoot form 3 til 9pm..Well OUR Captain D's is not part of the franchise and boo i already had two little hungry boys out of their carseats, had waited our turn in line and they were drooling over pictures of corn on the we stayed and paid $11 for a meal i was hoping we would be eating for less than #5, but oh well...
We returned home played outside and entertained our neighbor Phil, until Knox had to potty..which btw let me brag on was his first day to go to MDO in underwear..his teachers said he was dry all day! We went to the grocery on Tuesday with him in undies and i am sos so sososo thankful! We are not accident free, but...
Anyway bedtime came at last and they are asleep praise the LORD!!!!