Sunday, April 24, 2011

no wipes

I HAVE to share this story especially since so many have commented on potty stuff...after church to day we decided last minute to go to Ben's moms which i 30 minutes from our church (1 1/2hrs from our house)...We had a blast..on the way home from her house around 6:30, we stopped to get take out pizza and ate it outside on a blanket in a grassy area near the not-eat-in-pizza place. Just after i finished my last bite (if it wasn't before this is certainly was later)Knox said 'potty'. We knew we had a drive so we had put him in a pull up to keep the car seat i wasn't panicking ...The area we were in a was newly developing and near a potties anywhere worries, glad he's a boy i thought he could just go in the grass..Well pee indeed but also POOP!
Yes grunting and red faced he squats in the grass..! What do you do? You can't flush ...gross! I told Ben to grab the wipes from the car, forgetting that i had taken them out and left them in the other car 2 days before. NO WIPES! Poor baby i had to use dry Wendy's napkins that were in the glove compartment!
Then...i cleaned him up and got some anti bacterial that i DID still have. We buckled in and headed for the rest of the drive home..not too long after that maybe 10 minutes or so he said "poop"..again still in a pull up so not panicking too much as we started looking for an exit..he kept saying it and was drawing up his legs his eyes were tearing up...I gave Ben the word and he pulled off on the side of the interstate. We get him out pull down his pants and knowing he CAN poop in the grass we figure that is better than a stinky messy pull up right? Soo, our son poops..and then accidentally takes a step backwards into the poop (ever tried to poop standing up-especially at the beginning stages of potty control??!!) Meanwhile Brennan begins to shout " i need to poop too!!" from the backseat..
Ben gets him out and so here we stand on the side of the exit for miles with two kids -pants down- pooping on the grass and NO WIPES!!! Poop all over Knox shoe, pee on his shorts from trying not to get the poop on the back (he was positioned in such a way the pee got on the front)... as much as possible we clean them both up, more anti bacterial...buckle back in and then I had to poop or puke or something i was so grossed out...!
The boys began to sing and dance and laugh and were cheesing to the 100th % the rest of the way home. Maybe it was good comical relief for them to watch Ben and i standing there with semi's and SUVs full of families zooming past laughing hysterically at the whole situation...laughing to the point of tears and wetting your pants...
Yes. A day with no wipes just may be good medicine for the heart...! I SOOOOO wanted Ben to whip out his mac camera and get some shots but for the sake of your stomach we didn't..Aren't you glad i spared you those details?