Friday, April 29, 2011

mommy days

"What to have for lunch?', not a question today
for once again we will have cheese its and pb&j

There are chores to be done just to do them again
there are sheets to be washed, but where to begin?

For that one will nap soon and they'll still be wet
and not long after so will this one, i bet

I can tell by the sound of the whines and the cries
'not that kind, no this one', 'please honey just try'...

Says a mommy as tired as the child that she hears
her eye ever watchful as nap time soon nears.

For she wants to crash, but when will she shower?
or mop floors, make calls? And then there's the dryer.

Ever full to the brim of clothes that need folded
and then there's the grocery for this bread is molded..

And what of the milk- is it all gone again?
What was that sound i heard in the den?

The glass -broken pieces all over the floor
bare little feet and milk galore.

Why did i give him that glass that could break-that could shatter
o thats right all the others are dirty and what was that clatter?

The mop? Mommy's got it- no honey just towels. Milk will just sour.
Well i do need a new one-i'll add that to the list in about an hour.

But first, where'd baby # 1 go?
Do i hear the tv?- thats not a PBS show...

Off with the soap opera, off of my bed
where are your underwear?-not on your head.

Get off of there son or soon you will fall
thats not what that band aid was for at all.

Its not just a sticker, don't waste them please child
O for a day that wasn't half this wild!

I know they will come soon enough i hear
they grow up so fast and you'll miss every tear...

They years go so fast and the days so slow
only a mother who's done it will know.

So now for that nap isn't it about time
for i've spent all my energy...spent every dime!