Monday, May 30, 2011


I took a trip to Tallassee for my 10 year class reunion..we squeezed a lot in..that trip to the zoo, this picnic, a Cinco de Mayo celebration with Katherine and her fam, the reunion and soem tractor time..Our Mother's day picnic for Nana..i don't know where Charlie is...

Playing in the dirt, watchin Papa work..they had both had multiple turns don't worry

Knox checking out the water..
My little happy man

Me and bff from high school..our reunion before the Reunion..out at her parents new house that backs up to the river in Tallassee.
Off with the pants and into the water Brennan goes.. 

i have TONSSSSS of pics coming your way but for now..

You might be a STAY AT HOME MOM if:
1. The closest thing you've gotten to a facial is opening the dishwasher before the load was complete
2. You have ever wiped a nose with the clothing you are wearing
3. Its after 12 noon and you realize you still haven't put on a bra
4. You spend more time studying the fridge and cabinets to make a grocery list than any other subject
5. If you get up and put on clothes that couldn' t double as pjs or workout clothes your kids ask where 'we are going'
6. You've ever snuck dessert while they were napping so that you didn't have to share your favorite ice cream
7. Adult conversation is what happens when the kids are asleep
8. If you've ever locked yourself in the bathroom to have a phone conversation
9. The last 'trip to the mountains' happened when you walked into your laundry room
10. You didn't know the world was supposed to end last Saturday because you only watch pbs kids