Friday, July 8, 2011

Ready or not

I have really been a stinker in the blog world..not many updates, nor pictures etc. Things have been good around here. Unordinarily sweet. The boys have found a comradery that blesses my soul. I have determined to focus less on our house being spotless and absolutely sterile before Molly comes and turned to discipline and focused attention on the boys before that has to be a less frequent pleasure..Seriously i enjoy cleaning our house..its a stress reliever for me. And spending time enjoying hugs, kisses and snuggle before bedtimes are a leisure that i must give to myself and our boys. It blesses them and i have found encourages a sweetness in them towards each other and me..
I LOVE them..Let me just tell you a couple of funny stories from Brennan lately:
If you are on facebook you probably saw the cowboy story but here it is again:
I was cleaning up bfast dishes in the kitchen and Brennan came running into the room in his cowboy boots and went straight for the door to outside. I asked him where he was going and he said "to the cowboy place" very matter of factly. I said "oh, where is that?" after thinking for a second he said" umm..close to heaven i think".. PRICELESS!! In his little 3 year old cowboy mind, its gotta be about as close to heaven as you can get..!
Last night after i had put the boys in bed i heard a toy go off in the playroom. Recently it has been left to the on position, so if you walk across the floor it goes off if another toy bumps it in the toybox. I didn't think much about it and just thought maybe Brennan had to get up to pee. SO i checked their bathroom. Sure enough there he was. Except he was sitting which only means one thing-sit down yourself for you are in for a 10 minute pooping process. YOu have to coach him, remind him what he is doing, help him focus and after a while he is he starts in about the wallpaper what is that ect and i say 'hey buddy you need to finish pooping remember..' he grunts for a while them he says 'there is something stuck in my bottom' (i translate..oops i havent watched the fruit intake..need to eat some for bfast) then he says "its a little bit of giant poopses" he grunts.."its hard" im sorry buddy i say..trying not to laugh ast sound effects that boys need no encouragment in finding hilarious..then "I got it out!" he shouts with excitement!
And lastly he comes and kisses my belly a lot lately saying hey to MOlly. The other day he said "hey MOlly i'm ready for you to come out now" and after he woke up for his nap he came in and asked where she was. i told him still in my belly..apparently he had faith that she was going to comply with his desire for her to enter the world and was a little dissappointed when she was still 'in there'.
He has been carrying around the little boy baby my mom bought him before Knox was born and rocking her and even knox has been singing "jesus" (Jesus, Jesus, Jesus there's just something about that name..its his fave) to the doll. They have put her down for naps and Brennan tells Knox, "she wants to hold me now". Brennan even said he was home from the hospital the other day so he must remember a lot more than i thought about Knox's birth.
Knox has been super sweet lately. He twiddles his hair while he sucks his two middle fingers. It is what he does when he is tired. Lately he has twiddled Brennan's, mine, Ben's and...get this..our dog Bailey's hair! I have tried stuffed animals, blankets all of it but to no avail. He prefers hair. He has been considerate of Brennan and looks for him if he doesn't see him walking around calling "Brother"..He loves LOVES to eat meat, wrestle with his Daddy on our king size bed and drive dump trucks. And just so you know...EVERY time i give him a hat to put on his head he turns it around backwards (if you remember i 'prophisied' that before his birth) :) Speaking of birth:
I was 1 cm dialated on Thursday, 25% effaced. My doc said her head was very far down making it difficult for her to even feel my cervix. I am still not measuring up to week 37 but she just thinks that Molly will be 'petite'. i hadn't gained any weight since last visit. I go again this Thursday while the boys are in Alabama at my parents. I have conference at TWC to renew my teaching lisence and will be there 8-2 mon-fri. So... i will take lots of walks without our double stroller next week and rest up after i get the infant carrier strapped in the yukon, the bag for the hospital packed for both me and Molly and maybe i can even find time to make some little hairbows..i want to know how to make some anyone know of a good pattern?...well ladies and gentlemen (if there are any gentlemen that read this) Ready or not...she is coming! We can't wait to meet you Baby Molly!