Monday, July 18, 2011


Well i am definately know that feeling by #3.. so we will see. Still no contractions. She did not check to see if i was further dialated this past Thursday because i had one more day of my seminar to renew my teaching license and my family had enough going on with my dad's brother's funeral on Friday. But she was concerned that i was not showing growth so she ordered an ultrasound. Miss Molly weighs an estimated 6.2 lbs and everything seemed to be developing fine.
Our boys are great. Brennan told me today that he was glad i was here and that i didn't have to go to school anymore. (i was gone from 8-2:30 daily last week). Knox is cutting ALLLLL FOUR of his 2 year molars. That stinks! It makes for afternoons of lots of crying and early morning restlessness and waking. But he is so sweet and fun and is really starting to show affections. Molly's bag is packed for the hospital, the infant carrier is in the car, but my bags are still not packed nor my toenails painted.. :)
We sing the little prayer "God our Father" or say "God is great" blessings before eating trying to encourage the boys to acknowledge and thank God as provider for our food. We only do this at dinner, at lunch we use our words and at bedtime we ask the boys what they want to thank God for. Lately Brennan has really been trying to take care of Knox A LOT! Like when he falls Brennan runs to try to pick him up or he will give him a toy or hug when he is crying and say "its ok". Tonight we were on the way home and Knox started fussing. It was me and the boys alone and they were in the "far back" seat of the yukon..i heard Brennan go "Knox do you want me to sing to you?" "knox replies "huh" (his yes)...Ok and then knox says "firefigher one" which is really "God our Father" but for some reason when Knox says it it sounds like firefighter..he thinks we are saying God-fire-fighter, God-fire-fighter, we thank you, we thank you" and i guess that as corny as it is..God is the ultimate FIREFIGHTER fighting off Satan's firey darts for us and rescuing us from the flames of hell..there you go my darling Knox, you have understood and coined a phrase far beyond your understanding!
Next i hear Brennan "God our Father, God our Father.." Knox chiming in...God-firefighter, God-firefighter" then they start in with Knox going God is great(.......Long pause....) like we do when we are waiting on him to was precious! Made this mama's day.