Tuesday, August 2, 2011


For those of you watching closely on here for when Molly is to arrive, I have an appointment at 10 am tomorrow. She will check to see how dilated i am. If i am past 3 cm she may 'stretch' me to a four and/or strip my membranes. I had this done with Brennan. Its killer. Really no fun. BUT...my boys are in Alabama until i go into labor. My dad has a big work project this weekend, my sister is only 2 weeks away from delivery and our house is spotless, clothes are clean, bags are packed...
i hardly know how to exist on such little being required of me!
A girl from the boys mothers day out program, due the same day as me had her baby girl yesterday. A girl that Ben and i have been keeping up with that lives down the road, due same day as me- had her baby girl today.
I had a massage today (Ben had bartered that from a client about a year ago)..she is certified in maternity massage and it was amazing! Although all the pressure points that were supposed to send me into labor haven't quite taken effect yet...She is just not ready.
I am still not discouraged. I am aware that God knows best and will give us exactly what we need when we need it...please do pray for all the details of my family's travel and arrival for Molly's birth..