Wednesday, August 10, 2011

she is here

Our little Molly is home and perfect and in our arms! We are so thankful! The delivery went well. For all you mommies out there that love reading birth stories here it goes:
I got to the hospital at 730 am. Did all the paperwork and got undressed and in that delivery room. I wasn't having the first contraction, had none through the night and felt like 'why am I here?' But on we go answer the 300 questions about my health and family history..have the monitors hooked up and around 9 they came in to start the iv. I started crying and looked at Ben with that look. He asked me what was wrong which trigured the nurse to stop and listen. I said I just want to make sure this is neccessary (the inducement). I asked what would happen if I waited? They let me talk directly to my doctor and she confirmed that Molly would be in danger if I strengthened with the knowledge that I was doing what was best for my baby girl.. come what may I was ready.
They started pitocin at 10am and the contractions began. Around 1 my doctor checked me I was at 5cm she asked if I wanted her to break my water then or wait til she got off at 5. The contractions were getting stronger and closer but still not bad. Though the nurse once again told me I had a high tolerance for she said she would be back at 5. Around 4 the nurse said my doctor would be here soon to break the water so I asked to go ahead and get the epideral. After that things moved pretty quick. I began to really feel the contractions in one area because the epideral didn't take on one side. After about 20 minutes the anesthesiologist was able to get it to work..I had to curl up ina a ball and not move for 20 minutes while they gave a bolus (sp?) I was able to rest for about 20min and was feeling heavy pressure I knew her head was ready. When my dr came in she said let's see if that worked and when she (excuse the graphic here) opened my legs she said oh my get my gloves she is here! I had one contraction and they told me to push I pushed three times and heard her cry!
My first thought was praise God a precious healthy second thought was look at all that hair! I am not posting any pictures because Ben has already introduced her to the world through his blog..please visit his and see a ton of pics..and if you use instagram or follow twitter he has posted on both of those..
Welcome to our little family Baby Molly!
I will update soon with how we are all adjusting!