Sunday, August 14, 2011


Here we are on our way to church-the first effort of back to normal. My mom has been here a week now and has done a tremendous job of keeping our house clean, meals prepare, boys occupied and quiet when needed. She has truly been a blessing to all of us as she has served our family..I wish I could repay her. She said I will when Molly has her children.
The boys have faired pretty well. We had a little meltdown last Monday night- Brennan expressing his desire for me to be back to normal-able to hold and care for him. I am not supposed to lift him for 6 weeks bc he weighs 40 lbs. Knox I can lift after 4 weeks. I still had a 1st degree tear even though she was small and my 3rd. Knox has dealt with it really well. He is such a daddy's boy it would be worse if it were Ben!
Ben has done so great at helping with baths and discipline. Its hard to spank when you can't lift and you just can't let a two year old only eat sweets all day or a three yr old get away with hitting and telling adults are eminent.
Molly is doing great. She is sleeping 4-5 hours at night and I wake her bc of my own discomfort and need of relief..allyou nursing moms can identify! During the day she sleeps a ton (Gods kindness I believe to make newborns so sleepy) her wake time is early morning and 7-8 pm. She has cried the last two nights from 7 to tummy adjusting I say but we are thinking it will go away..
We appreciate all prayers for our little family during this time thank you dear friends!